Laura Donnenfeld

Deepali Gupta
January 24, 2021
Dana Olmsted
January 24, 2021

Make no mistake about it, Zorz Studios provides top notch photography services. I had the fortune to meet Ed in 2007 when he flew to Alaska to photograph my friend’s wedding. I immediately noticed his attention to detail and his desire to produce photos with artistic merit; not just your standard wedding photos. A year later I got married and hiring Ed was easily the best decision I made throughout the whole process. He’s a true professional who actually cares. Ed immersed himself and I felt like my wedding was his passion project. His work ethic and perfectionism paid dividends as my wedding book has gotten him some work. To this day, I follow his posts and I see continued growth and dedication to his craft. Needless to say, I would zealously recommend Zorz Studios to anyone.