Recent Boudoir Shoots and Events

Need to get an idea of how a full session goes, as opposed to looking at the tidbits from numerous boudoir portraits? We try to find time to blog about some, take a look at the latest!

  • NYC Dudeoir Photoshoot: Or Noir
    Get another load of NYC dudeoir photoshoot for a performer who flew to New York for this. We used his swanky hotel room for half a day with lots of dramatic light. Some images are NSFW.
  • Behave: Boudoir Photography Over 50
    Boudoir photography over 50 is a thoroughly weighed empowering statement. It’s also likely to have a telling personal story behind and a reason for such a session. Here’s a remarkable example. Most people would question boudoir photography over 50. You’ll only see a few ladies […]
  • Dudeoir: Straight Male Photographer’s Thoughts on Male Boudoir Photography
    Finally, thrilled to give you Zorz Studios’ first public male boudoir photography set, a.k.a. dudeoir. I cut no corners—spent an entire day on seven (!) sets to cover brutal, gentle, and everything in between.
  • Las Yogas: 3-Day Photoshoot in Las Vegas
    Amid a pandemic, two girlfriends from Louisiana and a photographer from New York decided to fly for a 3-day photoshoot in Las Vegas. Here’s what came out.
  • Valentine Boudoir Photography Special
    Considering the ongoing health crisis, we’re sticking to the last year’s approach to Valentine boudoir photography. Instead of doing a marathon, we offer a 30% off special. And—there’s even more this year!
  • Valentine’s Day Boudoir Photography Special Offer
    So what’s in our store for Valentine’s Day boudoir photography this year, you ask? 🙂 We bring back the 30% off special offer! If you’ve been waiting to express yourself in a tasteful intimate way, there is no better time!
  • Bubbly: Karina + Alex = Crystal Plaza Wedding
    For this Crystal Plaza wedding, I finally got a bride into a bathtub.
  • Valentine’s Day Boudoir Special 30% Discount
    Don’t miss this year’s boudoir specials! If you have been lusting to express yourself in a tasteful intimate way, there is no better time to take advantage of our limited Valentine’s Day boudoir special of 30% off!
  • Consensual: Bold and Refined New York Boudoir Photography
    Don’t miss this year’s boudoir specials! The results of our sold-out successful boudoir marathon two weeks ago can demonstrate what New York boudoir photography is meant to be—chic, bold, confident, conceptual, and metropolitan.