Zorz Studios offers four levels of image editing and retouching. Some are included in the packages, some aren’t. Your presented package will clearly outline these so please don’t skim it or make any assumptions. The below will help you set the right expectations.

  1. Standard processing is included with every package. It offers a basic editing to fine-tune the technical qualities, e.g. exposure, contrast, clarity, sharpness, saturation, white balance, color correction, etc. If you’re familiar with photography tools, this is what’s done in Lightroom, on each image.
  2. Enhanced editing in Photoshop cleans up an image, enhances/beautifies subjects if desired, and applies other artistic manipulations. Beauty retouching is not done by an unnatuaral-looking automated filter but by a meticulous manual labor. It is important to understand that most beauty enhancements are structured around the requests and feedback from the thousands of clients we’ve worked with since 2006. We are not saying that you need to have your skin cleaner or those flaps concealed. We’ve been asked to address such things countless times so it is presumed and addressed without asking. If you’re body positive—more power to you, less work for us. Either tell us about it in advance, or don’t hold it against us, please.
    Most packages include a limited number of such images, typically 5-20 depending on the price. The default enhanced retouching fee covers up to 3 people per photo. Additional people in a group portrait can be retouched for an extra charge. See below for sample before-and-after images.
  3. Signature retouching has a distinct feel of drama. It also involves the complete skin cleanup and more aggressive body manipulation, if there is such a goal. Although many of our portfolio images are done in this style, this type of editing is not included in any package and is done either at the studio’s discretion, or at a client’s request for a fee. See below for sample images.
  4. Digital art is the ultimate arsenal of tools and techniques and offers the most complex techniques such as combining element from different images, eyes/face swapping, background removal/replacement, and converting photos into digital paintings and fantasy art. These are done at a client’s request for a fee which may go to a few hundred USD. See below for sample images.

Retouching Levels Comparison

Editing Standard Enhanced Signature Digital Art
Incl. $20+ $50+ $100+
Color correction (white balance, color grading)
Exposure correction (brightness, highlights, shadows)
Clarity, sharpness, texture
Body reshaping
Double chin
Skin blemishes, acne, moles
Birthmark / scar removal
Skin smoothening
Facial and body wrinkles
Skin hot spots, shining, sweat
Redinesh / skin discoloration
Unflattering shadow removal
Unwanted hair softening
Masking stray / flyaway hair
Bald spot filling
Colorizing hair
Eye bags / dark circle removing
Red eyes
Enhancing eyelashes
Refining eyebrows
Refining lip line
Teeth whitening
Removing or disguising braces
Correcting nose bridge
Flattening ears
Selective darkening and lightening
Removing obtrusive objects
Adding or removing a person
Film-like grain, film imitation
Color replacement
Partial desaturation
HDR-like contrast
Lens blur, vignetting
Head, face, eyes replacement
Background replacement
Photo merging (parts from different images)
Conversion to digital drawing or painting

IMPORTANT: Viewing the samples below on a mobile device will not do them justice. Just as you might critically zoom into your own photos received from a photographer, you’d appreciate the attention we give to details on a larger screen.

Enhanced Samples

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Signature Samples

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  • Esoteria: A Deeper Take on Fine Art Portraits by Zorz Studios (39)
  • Dark Light: A Daring Boudoir Session by Zorz Studios (22)
  • Valentines Are Red: (Not Your Typical) Boudoir Marathon 2015 by Zorz Studios (23)
  • Making Up: Maternity Session for a MUA by Zorz Studios (5)
  • Creative Maternity and Pregnancy Photos in New York and Worldwide (71)
  • Puppy Jump: Cute Baby Photography by Zorz Studios (17)
  • Even Longer: Maternity Session for Another Epic Bride by Zorz Studios (20)
  • NYC Wedding Photo Permits for Most Popular Photoshoot Locations by Zorz Studios (3)

Digital Art Samples

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  • Fantasy Art by Zorz Studios (4)
  • Aslewwish: Modern Viking Wedding in Ohio by Zorz Studios (2)
  • Fantasy Art by Zorz Studios (1)
  • Fantasy Art by Zorz Studios (10)
  • Fable: Children Fantasy Art by Zorz Studios (13)
  • Jam Session: Unique 40th Birthday Photoshoot Idea
  • Reproduction: Turning Maternity Photo Into Statue by Zorz Studios
  • Nyala: Maternity Digital Art by Zorz Studios
  • Purity: Creative Youth Portraits in Poconos by Zorz Studios
  • Purity: Creative Youth Portraits in Poconos by Zorz Studios