Both current and past offers are listed. Some past offers are still ongoing. Click any to learn about its status.

Valentine’s Day Boudoir Photography Specials

We are thrilled to offer something for the fist time in our 13-year history of annual boudoir photography specials. Now you have two options to choose from: go with less than the half-priced marathon experience scheduled for 02/05/22, or enjoy a generous 30% discount while shooting on your terms!

Free Mother's Day Portraits in Poconos

Mama’s Love annual event is finally back, in its 7th iteration. This year, we are treating our clients and friends to free Mother’s Day portraits in Poconos.

Free Boudoir Photoshoot in Pennsylvania

Free Boudoir Photoshoot 2021 in Pike County, PA by Zorz Studios
An exclusive offer for the members of the local Facebook group Pike County PA Everything!: enter a raffle by 02/14/21 to win your free boudoir session!

Boudoir Special 2021

Valentine Boudoir Photography Special
Valentine's Day boudoir photography special is back! Book by 02/14/21 to get 30% off and a choice of free professional makeup or a photo album!

A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life
Does your family roll their eyes at the mention of a dreaded portrait session? Document a day in the life of your clan, start to finish, in an offbeat way guaranteed to work! Book by 12/25/20 to get 25% off.

Free Halloween Photos

Free Halloween Photos by Zorz Studios
For our Wild Acres community neighbors: show off your Halloween costume! If you stop by on 10/31/20, a few professional portraits are on us!

Coronavirus Fundraiser Flash Sale

40% off Flash Sale
Flash sale, today only: get 40% off anything new: open-ended shoots, retouching, print orders, studio credits, and gift certificates! Must purchase by midnight 05/06/20.

Valentine’s Day Boudoir Photography Special Offer

Valentine's Day Boudoir Photography Special Offer by Zorz Studios (5)
We bring back the 30% off special offer! If you’ve been waiting to express yourself in a tasteful intimate way, there is no better time!

Free Boudoir Photoshoot

Free Boudoir Photoshoot 2020
In its 10th anniversary, Zorz Studios’ Boudoir Marathon is opening one free boudoir photoshoot spot!

Poconos Family Photography Special

Poconos Family Photography Special
All local family shoots in the beautiful Poconos and Delaware Water Gap areas of Pennsylvania are 20-30% off!

Diwali Cruise NYC

Diwali Cruise 2019 with Zorz Studios
We are co-sponsoring and covering NYC Diwali Cruise 2019. Come party - all our guests get 20% off their next shoot!

Valentine’s Day Boudoir Special 30% Discount

Valentine's Day Boudoir Special by Zorz Studios
If you have been lusting to express yourself in a tasteful intimate way, there is no better time to take advantage of our limited Valentine’s Day boudoir special of 30% off!

Family Photography Summer Special

Family Photography in Dingmans Ferry, PA by Zorz Studios (1)
As we are expanding to the beautiful Pocono area of Pennsylvania, all local family shoots this summer are 50% off!

Consensual: Conceptual Boudoir Marathon

Conceptual boudoir marathon isn’t something you get to hear of a lot, let alone experience. Zorz Studios invites to it those who are ready to get bold and step away from the cliche, for half the price!

ZORPHOTOUR: Biggest Sale of the Year

ZORPHOTOUR: Zorz Studios US Photo Tour 2018 (1)
Biggest sale of the year as we are loading up an RV with gear to go on ZORPHOTOUR photo tour around the USA shooting daring epic portraits.

Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Treasured Art That Will Cost You Nothing

Still looking for the last-minute Mother’s Day gift idea? We are thrilled to give your mothers a genuine gift of a free portrait!

Operation Smile: Zorz Studios Helps Bring Smiles Back to Children with Facial Deformities

Through Operation Smile, we are bringing smiles back to children with facial deformities by donating all proceeds from the charity event sessions conducted.