Manhattan-based boutique photography studio, offering alluring and daring fashion, commercial, beauty, and wedding photography. Commissioned by clients from Alaska to India, we brave both New York City metro area and the world, eager to step out of our―and willing clients'―comfort zone to pursue original artwork with a lasting impression.
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Studio's creative director and lead photographer, Ed Hafizov, is a multiple Fearless Photographer™ award winner, named among the top 50 US and top 10 New York wedding photographers, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week photographer, winner of Adobe contests, Grand-Prix winner of PDN/Rangefinder contest, and featured by Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Elle et al. The studio is a distinguished member of Grace Ormonde Wedding Style‘s Platinum List.

We do not uses the words "original" and "creative" lightly... To us, they do not stop at "pretty". There are "re-creative" artists who imitate and follow the ideas, whether by adopting or copying, and there are those whom they follow, who religiously seek out and forge those ideas, afraid of imitating themselves, let alone others. While we also get inspiration from various forms of art, we strive to be the latter and dare to believe that the studio's portfolio is the unpretentious and flame-resistant proof.

If you are looking for an unbeaten coverage of your stylish collection, character study, or event day with an artistic flare, fashionable touch, and passionate yet unobtrusive story-telling, Zorz Studios is your expert! Studio owner's unique artistic background will allow you to blend classical charm with contemporary art and breathe life and emotions into your dashing photography collection.

Take the boredom and routine out of your photographs. Contact us and let your excitement out! We will take good care of it


Beauty, boudoir, ballet, maternity, newborn, children, Mitzvah, Sweet16, seniors, family.
Fashion, model portfolio, headshots, product, advertising, architecture, design, real estate.
Conceptual, fine art, body art, fashion, ballet, trash-the-dress, maternity, Mitzvah, seniors, sports.
Engagement, bridal, weddings, trash-the-dress, honeymoon, destination anniversary sessions.
Fine art, commercial, fashion, conceptual, maternity, engagement, trash-the-dress.


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The year Zorz Pictures is established by a tween drawing horror and action comic books, keeping a veil on the name origins


Years of experience of eating dirt to wow photography clients and stir viewers' imagination


Miles traveled on assignments in 23 countries from Alaskan mountains to Indian deserts , halfway to the Moon


Times winning Fearless Photographer award among 3,000 best wedding photographers worldwide



  • Testimonial by Elina L. by Zorz Studios
    “Gorgeous! Implacable! Tasteful! Artistic! Professional! Thoughtful! Beautiful! … My husband almost died on a spot when he saw a picture of me... I wanted to ask you for information regarding maternity shoots. We are due, mostly because of what your Boudoir session did to my husband."
    Elina L.
    Client, NY
  • Testimonial by Anya Caliendo by Zorz Studios
    "It is an extremely rare occurrence that one comes upon talent that has no boundaries in its vision. I consider my collaboration with Ed Hafizov, Owner of Zorz Studios, as nothing short of a transcendent experience. Ed had come into my life at a time when I was readying my first collection "Je Ne Regrette Rien" for photography. I had something grander in mind than the "typical": I wanted to capture, not only the collection itself, but create an enchanted illusion of spectacular characters with soul and beauty out of each of my hats. Ed listened carefully, observed and expanded my vision to a divine level of photographic perfection that I thought unattainable previously. He possesses an astonishingly productive work ethic and a reliability, coupled with the more important fact that he is not solely a photographer in the technical sensibility; he is a true artist of vivid imagination and vision."
    Anya Caliendo
    Anya Caliendo Couture Millinery
  • Testimonial by Veronika R. by Zorz Studios
    You know you had a successful stunning maternity photoshoot, when you like yourself 7 months pregnant better than before pregnancy."
    Veronika R.
    Model / client, NY
  • Testimonial by Dwight McCann by Zorz Studios
    "Damn, every time I decide really never to get back into weddings (from a 30 year hiatus) someone like you comes along and makes it look really, really interesting ... which is a problem because I don't care about the money or the prestige (I've already got those) but finding things that are really interesting for me is a driving force!"
    Dwight McCann
    Live entertainment photographer, CA
  • Testimonial by Raj and Jaspreet by Zorz Studios
    "We just want you to know that EVERYONE was in awe of the photographs you took. Our friends were taking photos of our photos!!! Our families are in love with you and have been talking about you every single day. You are such a hard worker and such a free soul, you have nothing but love in your heart and go above and beyond what anyone could ever expect. You are warm like the rays of the sun, light-hearted like a floating feather and refreshing like the oceans waves ... you are an amazing person, great man and wonderful friend."
    Raj and Jaspreet
    Clients, PA
  • Testimonial by Elena Larkin by Zorz Studios
    "Finding a photographer is like finding a doctor, I needed to be able to trust one and make sure the results were superb. Working with you, Ed, exceeded all of my expectations - it was fun, professional, and very individual. It takes lots of skills and personality to create the photos you take. I don't need to be looking anymore. You are my photograther for life."
    Elena Larkin
    Client / model, AK
  • Testimonial by Daniel File by Zorz Studios
    "Ed's photography is a beautiful blend of the historical and contemporary aesthetics of the art. He uses thoughtful, timeless, and eye-catching composition; he digs deeply into the soul of his subject; he understands the tools of his art; his images tell a story rich in worldliness as well as intimacy; and he enhances the qualities of the image with all of the creative digital tools available to the modern photographer."
    Daniel File
    Photographer, MO
  • Testimonial by Vlad and Luba by Zorz Studios
    I have to say they are incredible! I couldn't have imagined that we took those shots. [We were told] that you do amazing work, but I never pictured it being this awesome! I love the bike shots! You've capture Luba's true colors! The way she looks in your photos is the way I see her through my eyes!"
    Vlad and Luba
    Clients, NY
  • Testimonial by Anne DeMarco by Zorz Studios
    "There are many photographers that I have worked with throughout my career, however Ed stands out from the rest! His drive, passion, and extream detail for every job he does alway's shows through in his amazing images! I look forward to every job I do where I know that Ed will be the photographer because I know that my work will look the best because of his unique lighting and photography skills."
    Anne DeMarco
    Makeup artist, NY
  • Testimonial by Tanya by Zorz Studios
    "Hind sight is always 20/20 & if I had only known how terrible my own wedding pictures would have turned out... I would have sacrificed so many things & went with you, my first choice! It's too bad I can't hit rewind. LoL Your compassion for your work is so apparent & shines through every image."
    Client, CT
  • Testimonial by ‎Yana Kapelnikov by Zorz Studios
    "If you are looking for an amazing wedding photographer here is one!!! When a friend showed me his site right away i knew that i had to have Ed. I told my husband (back then fiance) that we needed to hire Ed no matter what and he agreed we LOVED his style of photos and his amazing personality. We both feel that we not only had an amazing artist taking pictures of us on our amazing day but we had a friend. We got married in Mexico so we flew Ed in and he spend 4 days with us each day we talked about how he wanted to capture more and more and to us it was very important HE wanted this (when the tables should be turned since we are his clients) but he pushed us and i cannot regret it for one second. He is kind and genuine and very professional and know what a good picture is. So dont doubt yourself go with Zorz Studios!"
    ‎Yana Kapelnikov
    Client, NJ
  • Testimonial bys Anthony Pingicer by Zorz Studios
    "I can't tell you how impressed I've been with your professionalism, politeness, and your work ethic... great, great work!"
    Anthony Pingicer
    Art Director, NY
  • Testimonial by Anna V. by Zorz Studios
    "Thank you so much for the stunning pictures, they exceeded my expectation!!! You are truly an amazing and talented artist and I am beyond thrilled at the beautiful and classic pictures you have captured!!! Thank you and I look forward to working with you again!!"
    Anna V.
    Client, NY
  • Testimonial by Geof Finch by Zorz Studios
    "Ed's professional approach to photography incorporates both the creative and technical skills needed for recording the 'real life' world. His artistic talents lifts the benchmark for other photographers while rewarding viewers with not just a typical snapshot but a captivating image. I find it a real pleasure to view Ed's work...."
    Geof Finch
    Photographer, Australia