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Boudoir Outfits: What to Wear for Boudoir Photoshoot by Zorz Studios

“What to wear for my boudoir photoshoot?” is a common question our clients ask. After years of sending bits and pieces of info and links to other resources, we spent several months collecting our thoughts and putting them all together for your one-stop convenience. Read about the ways of presenting your beauty, which apparel works best for different bodies, clothing styles to consider, accessories and props to get, draw the inspiration from 168 sample boudoir outfits, and know where to shop best for your boudoir items.

All photoshoot images used in the article are by Zorz Studios © 2006-2022

1. Levels of Exposure

Let’s start with a high-level overview. Boudoir photography includes a vast range of styles we’ll go over later. Each has a different level of body exposure, loosely defined as modest, classic, and daring.

Boudoir Outfits: What to Wear for Boudoir Photoshoot by Zorz Studios


Many ladies want to try out a boudoir shoot, but there is a thing in their mind which holds them back. It is the thought that they do not want to pose half-dressed or naked in front of the camera.

Boudoir is not about revealing everything; rather, it is about what suits your comfort zone. It is perfectly alright for women not to go for revealing lingerie, or lingerie at all! It is what makes the client look and feel her sexy best—all while wearing what she’s comfortable—is what defines her unique persona. You might wear a formal dress opening a shoulder, bare back, or showing a bit of leg. Or a shirt of your partner, blazer, nightgown, or anything which makes you uniquely “you”.

So, the starter level is wearing the modest category of apparels. It can stop there, or serve as a warm-up for the next step. I ask the shy clients to choose what makes them feel like a sexy dressed goddess. Nothing else really matters.

Boudoir Outfits: What to Wear for Boudoir Photoshoot by Zorz Studios


This is the most common approach to deciding on boudoir outfits, acceptable to most women. They do not need the bodies of fitness magazine cover models to feel good about their bodies. Above all, they are women. Enough said. Whether you prefer to draw attention away from parts of your body, or it is about striking just the right balance between being clothed and undressed, the classic collection of clothing will reveal your body, but not too much, leaving lots to your intended viewers’ imagination.

Lingerie rules this genre, and we have tons of ideas for you below. To name a few: high-waist shorts along with a cute lacy bra could be your choice for the day. A corset with a bottom or regular lingerie could be impressive because it’s about wearing what you might not wear so often in real life.

Consensual: Bold and Refined New York Boudoir Photography by Zorz Studios (5)


Some clients are tired of the similar feel, similar props, similar expressions, similar poses seen among thousands of boudoir photographers. They want their body more exposed, because they need to stand out and experience the forbidden. They want to step away from the cliché vision and go bold, go nude conceptually.

Such daring look is about wearing scarce clothing or no clothing at all. Taste and fine art are the keys. Shadows, hands, posing, and angles conceal the body and hence there is no explicit nudity, rather an implied one. We once organized a boudoir marathon for such confident ladies. Reservations came in within hours, the day got booked up prompting us to open up a second day. 10 ladies graced the studio floor that weekend, most of them mothers, a few fellow photographers, and a couple of them brought their partners to take part.

Another approach is having a bubble or milk bath with the body peaking out just in the right places, or blankets and sheer fabrics used to roll up against or wrapped around the body. The clients make the choice when we discuss their vision and how they want to be portrayed.

These three categories may also be used in finding the right boudoir outfits for your taste. We collected over 50 themes for you, and each comes in three categories—modest, classic, and daring—offering 150+ variations! Read on.

2. Body Types and Boudoir Outfits

Some women look at the photos from boudoir photoshoot and think that they could never look like that. Just because you are not a model, does not mean that you could not look beautiful wearing a sexy outfit and being photographed. Anyone can look beautiful regardless of their body type. Everybody has her own beauty, and boudoir is about celebrating that. A skilled boudoir photographer can turn everyday women into models, but a few things can help him/her, too.

One key about a great boudoir shoot is wearing an outfit that suits the body type of individual. The body is quite revealing, so choosing the best boudoir outfits to wear means the way to look absolutely stunning. There are a few steps to answer the question of what to wear for boudoir photoshoot, and the first is identifying the body type. There are different body shapes which include:

Boudoir Outfits: What to Wear for Boudoir Photoshoot by Zorz Studios

Pear-Shaped (Triangle)

When a person’s bottom which includes the waist and the thigh region is wider than the upper portion, the body is a pear-shaped. Such bodies have a flat stomach, a nicely defined waist, but rounded hips.

WHAT TO WEAR: Push-up bras are excellent choices to showcase that fabulous waist line. A long intricate dress with skirt shaped tightly along with the bust and the waist region would go really well. These choices draw attention towards the flat stomach and away from the bottom. A high-waisted panty is an ideal choice, too.

Apple-Shaped (Round)

This type of body is usually broader in the shoulder region, the stomach area is full and the breast and the shoulders are broader compared to the rest of the body.

WHAT TO WEAR: Corsets look good on an apple shaped body. Babydoll dresses and nighties with a detailed top or bust area compared to the flowing bottom area look stunning for such types. The key point is to draw the attention away from the waist region. For that, V-shaped necks or strapless tops can be used. They draw attention towards the bust area or the upper body portion and the shots look amazing.

Inverted Triangle

This body type looks like the body of an athlete with well-developed shoulders and narrow waist. It is opposite to pear-shaped bodies.

WHAT TO WEAR: Chemises go well as they show off the flat, well-formed waist region. Blazers or furs could be added to the boudoir outfits to disguise the wider shoulder region.


That’s a type which has perfect curves at all the right places of the body. Their waist is well-defined and is slim. Within this type, there are two different kinds. Neat hourglass may refer to slim body with curvaceous bust and hips. The bodies with full thighs and heavy bust are full hourglass.

WHAT TO WEAR: Fitted chemises look great on such bodies. Any lingerie in fitting along the body serves the purpose of flattering such body types. You could often see such looks on vintage magazines, retro looks of Hollywood billboards, and burlesque posters of divas with curves.


When there are barely any curves and the body is like a scale, where there is no or minor difference between the waistline and the rest of the body, they consider such a body type rectangular. The hips and the shoulders are in alignment.

WHAT TO WEAR: The best boudoir outfits would be something which creates an illusion of curves, known as shapewear. Waist cinchers create curves while paying special attention to the bust and bottom area. Padded bras make the bust a center of attention by drawing attention away from the rest of the body. When chemises are worn along with a padded bra, they look extremely stunning over such bodies.

Plus Size

When a person’s waist is not defined clearly along with the shoulders being in alignment with the bottom, the body is a plus size. A fuller version of an apple shape, if you will.

WHAT TO WEAR: There are lots of options to appear more slender. Robes and kimonos are popular as they can look fashionable and sexy yet offer a comfort of concealing to the shyer ones. Babydolls are a great alternative, especially with that V-neck cut which makes the torso appear narrower and the upper body longer. Corsets and bustiers will create an illusion of an hourglass body with nice curves. One-piece lingerie and bodysuits are better choice than two-piece as they elongate your body, as opposed to adding horizontal breaks/lines which widen a body. Well-designed bodysuits will double as shapewear for a greater control of any unflattering areas.

Need specific ideas? Don’t miss our


collected for you in eight categories in section 6

3. Clothing Styles

Now that we defined your comfort level of body exposure and best boudoir outfits to go with your body type, let’s go over the various boudoir photography styles. They can already offer you the ideas of what to wear for boudoir photoshoot, but what follows are dozens of pre-designed sets to shop for!


Not comfortable exposing your body? It’s completely alright. Why not try a tight fitted dress which shows your curves? Such dress is a smart choice to wear: not only will you get a striking portrait usable for a professional profile in your bio or social media but this will also let you ease into the photoshoot.

A nice cocktail dress that fits on your body paired with sexy heels is a stunning start. 15-30 minutes gracing into the shoot, a lady might feel more comfortable about showing her shoulders or hips. I always show the previews on the camera screen and boy, does it not boost her confidence and thrill factor! She becomes comfortable and sees what makes her look even more attractive and powerful.


If someone is not a big fan of lingerie, they can keep it simple. Looking sexy in casual is easy! It’s “how”, not “what” you wear. No need to shop for boudoir outfits if the budget is tight. Everyday items like sweaters, jeans, shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, sheer tops, and pajamas will look cute and flirty when styled and posed tastefully. For example, you can pair your favorite jeans with a bra peeking through a shirt and even partially unbutton the jeans, offering a glimpse of your underwear (or lack of it…)

Sweaters right in your closet, especially a slightly oversized or stretching ones, can become an adorable prop. It can also conceal any part of your body you’re unsecure about. Bear your legs, pull the bottom down to cover the panties, open a shoulder and—voilà!—a girl-next-door contest material! Both thinner and large-weave sweaters can work, just pick one that has a large neck opening. A bonus tip: find a matching pair of socks. If you feel like showing off your fine pedicure, go with freetoes (toeless socks) for a more piquant feel.

Men’s Attire

Is it a shoot for your man? Is it a gift for him? If it is, then why not wear his shirt or anything from his closet? Accessories from men’s attire for a boudoir shoot might include a simple shirt, or a tie, a dress, tuxedo, or bowtie. Your boudoir images will have so much more meaning for him!

However, who needs a man to wear a suit, right? 😉 A woman in a well-tailored suit looks so seductive, bold, and maverick! Pair with accessories like a hat, a nice inner body suit, and heels to give an extra oomph factor. Or go for a classical vintage look with those.


Lingerie and intricate bra/panties sets are the default choice for boudoir shoots. It might not be a thing for daily use, but why not try a beautiful set for a shoot? You might have some sets in the closet for that special date or anniversary, and you don’t wear them since then. A babydoll, nightie, camisole, teddy, vintage slip — lingerie ranges from simple and modest to exposed and seductive ones. Make it your style of choice.

Besides an elaborate lingerie outfit or two, having a simple nude color set is a must if you want to try an implied nudity. You do not have to go naked, yet pose so that it will be barely visible. Just try to select a color tone matching your skin.

Showgirl Inspired

Into a playful theatrical mood? Inspired by the Chicago musical or the carnival in Rio de Janeiro? Dream big and be a showgirl! Your life does not have to be all real. Acting is a perfect retreat from the reality! These boudoir outfits range includes burlesque, belly dance, and carnival ideas. The art where the costumes are a signature of performance inspired this approach.

Burlesque was a popular performance in the 1830s, where women interpreted Shakespeare and other related customs. The women who performed were quite modest and not blunt. However, as the time passed, burlesque became not just a performance of art but also an exhibition of beauty which slowly involved the use of corsets to show off the curves and more skin than usual.

A carnival suit will make anyone drop their jaw. This is a sure way to turn heads and start conversations. And who didn’t improvise with a belly dance, even if for a partner with no one looking? 😉 One of the sexiest dances which even men perform professionally! Go for it!


Many women want to treat their partners to sexy photos as a gift. This is popular nowadays with brides-to-be who book such seductive shoots and gift the resulting images as an art book to their partners on the wedding day. With the concept of “first night” largely diminished in the Western society, such a gift still bears an element of surprise and a special fine art treat.

However, these shoots could also serve as a gift for other occasions, like an anniversary or birthday. The bridal theme includes boudoir outfits which are inspired by bridal dresses, veils over sexy lingerie, garters to hold up an erotic pair of stockings, a wedding robe, matching shoes, jewelry, etc.

Career Inspired

A sexy shoot can be done with boudoir outfits inspired by careers or uniforms. These include sports outfits such as a tank top with bottoms used while playing tennis or uniforms belonging to different professions like a firefighter, businesswoman, doctor, police officer, yoga instructor, teacher, or handy woman. It might as well be your real occupation, or something to fantasize about. In boudoir, these can be used merely for client’s fun!

Statement / Impact

Willing to step outside the box? Have a unique lifestyle or looking for an opportunity to make a sexy statement with a bang? Tired of the traditional boudoir outfits all your girlfriends already used?

Outfits made of leather give a stunningly shiny look to people. As they say, everything is better in black, but why not give it a leathery or latex look to make it even more fabulous? Spandex outfits are favored by the athletes but could be used in boudoir, too. Why not wear a spandex shaped like a corset and sit like a goddess? People could wear boudoir outfits inspired by bondage. The BDSM outfits are kinky and give a dominant look. These include corsets, harnesses, belts, fetish masks, and much more. Be sure to check out the shopping links at the bottom.

A less provocative statement boudoir outfit can include a pinup look dated back to 1940s. Women were photographed to encourage youngsters, especially the soldiers, to fight in the war by saying “She is worth the fight”. Other impact-inspired costumes include the Victorian dresses giving the vintage look, or Gothic apparels inspired by mysterious and dark features. Clothing worn by Gothic culture is a head-turner and includes dark attire matched by dramatic makeup and dark lipstick shades.

Reflection on a Passion / Hobby

Self-reflection is an important aspect of boudoir. You reflect what you really are. So, if someone is an art lover, they would love to get photographed artistically. Modern dancers, ballerinas, musicians, painters, and sculptors are in effect the extension of their art. An exposed body covered with paint is also a way of showing your true self out there. Portraying one as an art piece is something only a few would think about, so don’t miss that chance!

Giving their boudoir session an aesthetic touch gives it a high-end feel, from giving the vintage art look to displaying the subjects like in a museum. People with artistic soul would immerse in such sessions. It is essential for a photographer to understand such needs and make their shoot soul-replenishing for everyone involved—client, photographer, and the viewer.

4. Accessories to Consider

What to wear for boudoir photoshoot should not be just about clothing. Getting all dressed up in fancy boudoir outfits is sometimes not enough. There are certain add-ons which can intensify the beauty and mystery of the subject.

Masquerade Masks

We can add accessories like a masquerade mask, it is a fancy stuff which gives a fine look. They wore these masks as a symbol of elite class representing their delicacy. The idea behind their usage was to hide an identity. Different colors were used to represent ideas like their opinion with freedom of speech. We now use these in boudoir sessions to add a delicate or enigmatic touch to the subject.


A high-heeled woman looks gorgeous regardless of what she’s wearing on the top. You can choose from a wide variety of shoes, pumps, high-heeled boots or sandals, and stilettos. It depends on how they are being paired up; a woman who stands naked with masked body parts against a wall would give a fabulous look if she’s wearing high-heeled sandals. The choice of footwear depends on the boudoir outfits and the type of boudoir being developed.


Depending on the presentation, feathers give a cheeky, sexy, or gentle look when worn by a woman. They accentuate the softness, tenderness, perhaps even vulnerability. She can choose to wear boas, shrug, fan, or tickler made up of feathers. All these can cover certain body parts. Yet, when used in light colors and positioned strategically, they can also draw the attention and highlight the favorite parts.


During bridal shoots, stockings are added along with garters. Apart from that, fishnet stockings are highly preferred to pair up with various costumes and can even be used alone depending upon the posture and the taste of client. This seductive add-on is a treasure for such shoots.


The kinky mood needs some whips. A boudoir shoot inspired by BDSM needs fetish add-ons like whips and floggers to represent the dominance of the subject.


Having a rectangular-shaped body and wanting to have some curves? Corset is the best piece of accessory you can add to your list. These make your waistline seem flawless by giving curves in all the right places. Regardless of the body shape, however, corsets look stunning on most ladies.

Full Bodysuits

Bodysuits are among our favorite boudoir outfits. They are flattering to any figure, shape you up, flatten stomachs, and give that timeless classy touch. Endless styles are available in many fabrics, patterns, and colors. Lace, spandex, caged, floral, latex, studded, stripped, sheer—all go really well to make you look hot. Because they can be easily complemented with almost any accessory or apparel, they are as versatile as boudoir photography goes!

Pearls and Necklaces

In order to create the dreamy pictures, jewels are a must, like the pearls and necklaces. You will have pictures to adore throughout your life. When pearls or necklaces are used in combination with a perfect costume, posture and lightning, it makes the subject look like a flawless beauty.

Hats and Gloves

Another classy accessory that speak vintage or high fashion are hats and gloves. Even when such themes aren’t the goal, hats and gloves are such delicate pairings that they can be added to most boudoir outfits. Your boudoir shoot will be nothing like an everyday experience!

Other Accessories

Apart from all these luxurious accessories, night gowns and see-through tops can also be used. Why not pair the nightgown with a see-through lingerie inside? Crochet lace cover-ups are also preferred when the client is comfortable in exposing their body and wants the boudoir outfits to be see-through. When not wearing anything, a faux fur can be used as a blanket to cover the body in a primal, sensual way.

5. Boudoir Props

Since we talk about accessories, let me add a few words on props that can be invaluable addition to most boudoir outfits. The reason I encourage clients to shoot in their homes, besides convenience and comfort, is the abundance of items readily available or arrangeable as props. Some include:

  • flowers and petals
  • headpieces and crowns
  • wigs
  • plush toys
  • makeup kits (applying lipstick or mascara)
  • perfume bottles
  • vintage items (telephones, magazines, cameras)
  • antique furniture
  • string lights
  • candles
  • sequins
  • mirrors
  • bubbles
  • champagne flutes or martini glasses
  • curtains
  • fabrics and sheets
  • musical instruments
  • a dress you wore on your first date
  • military tags
  • toy (or not) weapons
  • sports props (boxing gloves, footfall cleats, helmets, jerseys, etc.)
  • adult toys (let’s all blush and giggle!)
  • pets
  • wings

6. Boudoir Outfit Ideas - 168 Sets

Let's not stop with the usual information on what to wear for a boudoir photoshoot. To offer you the concrete ideas and help with inspiration when you shop and put together your wardrobe, we collected 168 BOUDOIR OUTFITS! These are mindfully and stylishly premixed for you so you spend less time guessing. For ease of navigation, they are grouped into eight categories like Bohemian, Fatale, and Glam, spanning 56 themes, such as Art Deco, Coco, Bondage, Gatsby, Polka Dots, Gypsy, Primal, Soft Wisper, Steampunk, and many more. And, each theme offers three variations: modest, classic, and daring. Let your fantasies fly!

NOTE: We do not own these outfits — this would require running an apparel store as a side hustle. However, we collected shopping links for your convenience, where you may buy similar items, found below the outfits.


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  • Bohemian 7 by Zorz Studios

    Bohemian 7

    Combination of Gold with Peach goes fantastically together. Go glossy with Sheer Art Deco; light hues to give you a soft appearance. A see through fringed netted gown would be a daring dress to carry. So, do you dare to be different? Don't forget to enhance the glam by adding silver jewels to your ears and a nice black fur to your neck and shoulders!
  • Bohemian 2 by Zorz Studios

    Bohemian 2

    Steal their breath away by igniting your inner spark with a white and gold combination. The Goddess within you waits for her turn let her rule by putting on these gladiator sandals. Red grapes could stain your lips but why not put the same colored lipstick before you pick one to eat?
  • Bohemian 1 by Zorz Studios

    Bohemian 1

    For your new beginning and everlasting love, Gorgeous Glamour Gold attire would be the finest choice. Cherish your young love and eternal loyalty wearing these on your special day with pearls in your wrists. The way pearls create shine in oysters on exposure, let the pearl within you shine on the outside while lying on the bed like a vintage portrait.
  • Bohemian 3 by Zorz Studios

    Bohemian 3

    It's hard to tame a free spirited woman, but even harder to prevent falling for her charm. Natural fabrics in neutral and warm shades like Pinks with Mauve or Whites in contrast to Mauve merge perfectly with her personality to give a fine 70s style look. Breathe in the fresh air as you sit beside a vase filled with Sweet Akito applying a fine layer of shimmery pink enamel over nails.
  • Bohemian 4 by Zorz Studios

    Bohemian 4

    Let them feel the deliciously silky surface of your fur because they know the prettiest pair of lingerie underneath is worn to be taken off! Set the mood in for an intimacy by pairing glamorous beige shades with a striking charcoal grey from which you both would never recover. Communicate strength and mystery by holding a grey floral bouquet while resting on a couch wearing a luxurious scent.
  • Bohemian 5 by Zorz Studios

    Bohemian 5

    Vintage inspired hues for modest women. As the sky's the limit, why not add some of its pastels to your dress? Feel the lightness of the blues and the softness of the peachy pink. Grab the light blue shade of nail enamel and pamper your nails through it. Give your lips a little treat by applying a Beige range balm on them and celebrate the moment!
  • Bohemian 6 by Zorz Studios

    Bohemian 6

    A finely feathered woman reminds that angels are always near; some pastel tones with white accompanied by soft feathers can give you the heavenly touch. Look at yourself in the mirror with a silk robe and admire the sight of an angel staring back at you.
  • Bohemian 8 by Zorz Studios

    Bohemian 8

    As an embodiment of depth, trust and sincerity, Blue is a symbol of harmony. So why not choose to wear it on your special day? Celebrate your love with the purity of aquatic shades paired with white heels while holding a blue floral bouquet. Why not sit on a couch sipping some Sauvignon Blanc while you both enjoy the love which is in the air!


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  • Classy 2 by Zorz Studios

    Classy 2

    Chanel; who doesn't recognize the name? Inspired by the great Coco Chanel, here’s a classy collection of light shades paired with black. It's breathtakingly beautiful to wear any of these; position yourself on the couch, smelling like flora while wearing a Demure on lips. A black stripped blazer could be added which captures the heart at first sight.
  • Classy 1 by Zorz Studios

    Classy 1

    The iconic Blond bombshell looked stunning wrapped within silk satin. It's better to fear a bit rather than regretting later for a lifetime. Feel fearless to wear some finest collection of laced beauties in Maroonish red. A high heeled marvelously laced up woman with Poison girl by Dior when passes by leaves behind Silage which works like a head-turner for people.
  • Classy 5 by Zorz Studios

    Classy 5

    You can never miss compliments when you wear any of these pleasant looking slips. Beige tones are enhanced with a touch of black either as only a patch or as whole apparel with only black nails which adds to its classicality. Intensify the decency by highlighting your cheekbones and the bridge of your nose, and cross your legs while you enjoy your Champagne.
  • Classy 3 by Zorz Studios

    Classy 3

    Just like the Lapis contains flecks of gold, this vibrant ultramarine collection is valued for its precious look. Wear these to become the Treasure Island which they would cherish to explore. Paint your nails with royal blue, wear the gold in your feet and sit patiently on a couch to be admired!
  • Classy 4 by Zorz Studios

    Classy 4

    When they look at your body and bite their lip, Brilliant Bordeaux is that type of the range. It allows women to trust because there are some secrets which can only be revealed through that. Your Maroonish attire twinkle like stars with candles lit around you. Pose like a goddess as you stand before them wearing your voguish hat!
  • Classy 6 by Zorz Studios

    Classy 6

    Want to surprise your man with something sweet yet sexy at the same time? Bring these classy deep red apparels to make it easier for you. Watch his smile as you give him a peak of your delicate beauty bone through soft pink furry coat and tempting lips with a glowy red tint.
  • Classy 7 by Zorz Studios

    Classy 7

    Diamond on blue velvet, the way it comprehends its beauty, blue with an icy touch can complement yours. The silver in your feet can sparkle with a silvery upper and a shiny masquerade mask. Sprinkle some glittery stars as you walk by!
  • Classy 8 by Zorz Studios

    Classy 8

    Every day is a Valentine's Day when you are with the right one. Celebrate your love life whenever you want, because it's not about the day, but about the person. Make your moments special with these red pairings. Nude lips and shoes are always the best to go with your bright nails and enchanting body.


Swipe left/right or click < > arrows to see more

  • Fatale 8 by Zorz Studios

    Fatale 8

    Be a submissive to your special one while being the dominant of your wardrobe collection. Why not bring a kinky touch to your life? Choose these black pair of beauties to start a new chapter of your romantic love life.
  • Fatale 1 by Zorz Studios

    Fatale 1

    Porcelain with black and gladiator sandals; let's play pretend! Unleash the inner bad girl by giving them a taste of your silky gloved hands. Would they recognize their submissive once they discover this side of your personality? It's always a good choice to be a bit daring. Put a collar on and sit on a chair with your thong covered legs as you wait for their move!
  • Fatale 2 by Zorz Studios

    Fatale 2

    Do you want to be pinned against the wall and kissed by the one you desire the most? Feel the warmth of their breath as they come closer to your enchanting body wrapped within black Dark and Moody range. Be selective with who you want to act like a badass girl and also choosy when it comes to "What to wear tonight?" Stun them with your black attire!
  • Fatale 3 by Zorz Studios

    Fatale 3

    A well tailored woman in a well tailored suit can conquer the world. Why not give you the perfect suited look for your bedroom? It helps in winning all sorts of the battles. Set foot in the battlefield wearing a classiest collection of black and white with complementary red lipstick.
  • Fatale 4 by Zorz Studios

    Fatale 4

    Lure them towards your aura of charm and mystery by trying out apparels which depict a magnificent woman. A combination of Black with White gives a formal yet seductive look. Let's talk about adding a golden touch to your black heels which goes well with your stockings. A Femme Fatale with this costume smirks as she gets a little mischievous putting on her favorite burgundy lip color.
  • Fatale 5 by Zorz Studios

    Fatale 5

    It's always better in black even greater in leather. The supple and shiny surface on your skin moves the yardstick. Standing by the mirror, get good look at yourself wearing that badass collar round your neck. Hold tight to the stick in your hands while your cherry red lips twitch up into a smile!
  • Fatale 6 by Zorz Studios

    Fatale 6

    You cannot change your life if you keep wearing the same styled outfits. Spice up your life with a range inspired by Dita Von Teese comprising of Plum with Black. Amplify the Eerie blackness by applying Plum shades to your nails and lips. Highlight your eyes for a Smokey look. They won't be able to take their eyes off you!
  • Fatale 7 by Zorz Studios

    Fatale 7

    “Holes in the soul” that’s how the fishnet was introduced to the history. But in reality, they depict the stunner. Feathers and Fishnets is what allows you can see through the soul. Wear your stockings, apply a coral pink blush and lip color as you get seated on a peachy couch to be bold.


Swipe left/right or click < > arrows to see more

  • Glam 4 by Zorz Studios

    Glam 4

    The way Gatsby yearned for Daisy's affection is how usually people want to be admired. Intensify their temptation as they feel the silky smooth touch of light shaded pinkish wear. See the admiration they have in their eyes as they move through picturesque crossed legs and a graceful lady seated near them.
  • Glam 6 by Zorz Studios

    Glam 6

    Like diamonds, radiate the glorious spark as you wear a beaming collection. Darker tones of grey, eerish black and charcoal with high heeled blackish footwear serves the intended purpose. A Fuchsia would suit your lips with a lighter tone of blush for your cheeks. Their power is an illusion of your mind; however, your power is real. Rejoice it by choosing the best to wear!
  • Glam 1 by Zorz Studios

    Glam 1

    Bedazzled by the striking appearance of your 14 Karat Gold dress, it is hard for them to resist your bewitching beauty. Get the enchanting look by showing off your captivating curvaceous body. Adore yourself, as you get the high heels on, to make the air swirl around you, as you caress the piano keys.
  • Glam 2 by Zorz Studios

    Glam 2

    Appreciate your body by fanning the air around you as you try on the pink with black twins. A carefully detailed black over pink with knee high boots, pink pair with a bit of black stripes or a black belt wrapped around your waist with an admiring look makes them forget to blink their eyes.
  • Glam 3 by Zorz Studios

    Glam 3

    Want to treat them with some dessert tonight? If you want to, then dress up like Haute Chocolate! Creamy brown lingerie or a butterscotch bodysuit with either knee high boots or heels could make them feel the sweetness of your body. Add some peachy tint to your eyes and lips to make them drool over.
  • Glam 5 by Zorz Studios

    Glam 5

    Who doesn't love the fringes? Black dresses fringed with gold makes you glow as you sit on your hanging chair. Let your golden nails shine or cover your hands with delicate black gloves. Add some to your feet by wearing stylish fringed sandals. Wear the gold wristband to amplify your glow!


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  • Playful 1 by Zorz Studios

    Playful 1

    A pastel pink with black stripes could be your choice today. Why not wear and handcuff yourself while they discover the curves of your skin? Let them enjoy a bit of dominancy while being the real dominant in disguise. You decide their behavior and they are never going to find out! Grab a seductive pair which is perfect for playtime and add to the intimacy by blinking your eyelashes while enjoying the outcome.
  • Playful 9 by Zorz Studios

    Playful 9

    Be a true champion by wearing a sports collection on your game day. It's not always about winning; it's about having the most guts. Be determined enough to believe in yourself by choosing what to wear would suit you the best. Combine a nice pink touch to your lips with bright complementing bottoms ranging from purple, pink or blue. Wear the socks with vibrant sneakers and blow the whistle to start the game!
  • Playful 5 by Zorz Studios

    Playful 5

    Weave the cotton in a unique way and it creates Denim because everything done with love is well done. Are you the woman who would ride her bike for the wanderlust she has in her blood? This could be the finest choice for your type. Get some white bottoms paired with nice red tops and use denim over it. Peak a bit through your glasses, while you wear stunning heels, as they get confused what to stare at first, between your reddish nails and your plum lips.
  • Playful 10 by Zorz Studios

    Playful 10

    Beautiful clothes hypnotize. Black and white stripes accompanied by red makes you to stand out of the crowd. Get seated on that white couch wearing your furry coat with a nice pair of glasses on and appreciate your body as you lick your lips to feel that tangy taste of your bright red plumper.
  • Playful 2 by Zorz Studios

    Playful 2

    Swirl like the icon from 1840's when the polka dots first appeared on the timeline. Since then, it never got out of fashion. Wearing the fresh snow with spots on or wearing a pitch black with snowflakes and dashing red footwear gives you the perfect diva look! Sit in front of the mirror with a hat on while you stare at your seductive cherry lips in candle light.
  • Playful 3 by Zorz Studios

    Playful 3

    Peary green or lemony yellow, both gives an electric look. The modesty can be highlighted by using a bright pink robe over it. Nude tones when wore in feet are always best to beautify brightness. Apply bright pink to your fingernails and lips to give a bold touch to an entire look!
  • Playful 4 by Zorz Studios

    Playful 4

    Embrace the Japanese collection of Kimono in contrasting shades. Three distinct bright colors, consisting of a Cerulean with Beige, Mauve and Pink go really well with golden sandals when you put on a nice shade of pink lipstick with Beige nails and a stunning hat!
  • Playful 6 by Zorz Studios

    Playful 6

    Why wait for the spring to add some floral to your life? Bloom by grabbing a Flower Bomb look of floral patterns over black. Gucci flora is bliss in this regard as it provides a nice oriental floral fragrance to your body. Black thongs under the dress with a pair of hot and Smokey black footwear makes you even more captivating as you fan yourself while smiling with your tinted pink lips.
  • Playful 7 by Zorz Studios

    Playful 7

    Be the flower which blooms and the bee is attracted towards it. Add some flowery touch to your apparel by getting the Spring Time Surprise look. Flowers have their own distinct features, and so does you. Let your clothes speak for yourself!
  • Playful 8 by Zorz Studios

    Playful 8

    Isn't it hard to resist a bad girl who's a good woman? Making sure all the good women out there could enjoy the sensual aura they feel by wearing a Bubblegum and Bows look, when they are around their special one. Pink on your lips, nails and feet lights up the spark! Cuff your hands behind your back as they get you on your knees.


Swipe left/right or click < > arrows to see more

  • Rrrr 1 by Zorz Studios

    Rrrr 1

    Become a true alpha by wearing printed playsuits. They indeed would want to run their hands down your sleek neck. Grab the opportunity and wear the tiger and leopard prints combined with stunning magenta. Make yourself more appealing by wearing black thongs and placing your pedicured feet with finely applied enamel on a furry rug.
  • Rrrr 5 by Zorz Studios

    Rrrr 5

    Be still and silent while wearing the Snake charmer. They come in pairs to see whether you would be daring enough to wear royal blues in combination with Smokey thongs and hissing shoes. Classic touch has different tones collaged together to give you the complete look by combining pearls with gold upper and Maroonish sandals. Magenta comes with black and gold for a modest look.
  • Rrrr 2 by Zorz Studios

    Rrrr 2

    She seems more delicious than the drink in her hand, a perfect blue lagoon as she walk past that shiny pool next to her. The way her pretty skin shines bright in daylight wearing this Wild and Blue, she seems more like a lioness ready to conquer the hearts of many. You can catch the look of that lady by pairing up this combination and tinting your lips with a bright red.
  • Rrrr 3 by Zorz Studios

    Rrrr 3

    Hunting habit of a Jaguar is to be still and observe before making any move. Observe the gestures of your loved one while you sit there on a sofa wearing this pretty “Play Things” with black heels and dashing bright pink lips.
  • Rrrr 4 by Zorz Studios

    Rrrr 4

    Are you the woman who belongs to nobody yet everyone who meets her is astonished at her unexplainable spark? Let the world know a little about yourself through the clothes you choose to wear. Bring a discreet set of classical shades and prints ranging from Mauve to Bright pink and a darker shade of violet along with tiger prints. Let's help to get you the look of a Gypsy woman. Allow people to find the magic which they don't believe exists.
  • Rrrr 6 by Zorz Studios

    Rrrr 6

    Gain the power of a tiger by wearing an eye catching Plumb Wild collection. It comes in Mauve with leopard skin print. Embellish the dress with gold jewels and gold painted nails. Get a hold of your retro receiver while you sit smiling on a sofa with a black rug under your feet.


Swipe left/right or click < > arrows to see more

  • Soft 1 by Zorz Studios

    Soft 1

    Looking for something to wear after a soothing bubble bath on a holiday night? Here's what you can have in place, the perfect greys. Light up your scented candles, put on a nice tone of your nude lip shade and enjoy the comfy touch of fabric while you snuggle with your favorite person.
  • Soft 2 by Zorz Studios

    Soft 2

    Describe the feeling of first love by adding some purple, as Lilac symbolizes renewal of good things in life. The pale violet speaks of refinement and luxury. Bring a healing touch to your soul by adding lavender pairs onto it. Rejuvenate the surroundings by alleviating worries through your right choice.
  • Soft 3 by Zorz Studios

    Soft 3

    Powder blue along with pale shades of Ecru gives you the perfect graceful appearance as of a mermaid wearing pearls. Swing on your hanging chair while oozing charm as the aura of candles fill up the air or pair them up with beige heels and rock the ocean floor with these Soft whisper hues!
  • Soft 4 by Zorz Studios

    Soft 4

    It's always good to be gentle but sometimes better to be rough. Inspired by the famous quote which goes like "Let them eat cake!" If they are hungry, feed them with something special. Beige range like this has such specialties, consisting of different accessories like a fan, feathers or an umbrella. Choose what seems best for you but don't forget to pair it up with a dull pink lip shade.
  • Soft 5 by Zorz Studios

    Soft 5

    A comforting peach with Smokey silver or gold on you could dazzle their senses. Be a symbol of an immortal delight. Ornament yourself with complimenting gold or silver gems as they linger their eyes on you. Wearing the heels and ravishing pink nails, portray yourself like an art, while you perch yourself on a divan.
  • Soft 6 by Zorz Studios

    Soft 6

    Wedding has always been fantasized in terms of tradition. Keep the cultural norm intact wearing white but spice it up like this Blushing bride collection. White with floral pink gives you a soft but sexy look. Top it off with a scent he can't resist!
  • Soft 7 by Zorz Studios

    Soft 7

    A perfect match for Nude and Taupe heels, Greys are magnificent for being exquisitely feminine. Let the galaxies shine in your eyes with illuminating Chandelier above your head. Feel the fluffy touch of a matching cushion as you stare at your beauty in a mirror sitting on a couch near your bed. Enjoy your favorite playlist as you decide whether your lips need an extra layer of a color coat or not.


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  • Victorian 1 by Zorz Studios

    Victorian 1

    Black being the symbol of elegance and power sets the mood! A combination of black with a Victorian touch, will give you the perfect look. Let them know who's in charge of today's moment! Intimidate them by radiating authority so they forget their existence and dwell in your mystery!
  • Victorian 3 by Zorz Studios

    Victorian 3

    Crimson painted fingernails matches with your ruby red colored dress. Wearing a fine black hat with gloves on while you pose near lit candles makes you look like a gem embedded in rawness. Top it off with your black heels and a vivid darker tone of red lips for a complete look!
  • Victorian 2 by Zorz Studios

    Victorian 2

    Lace yourself with glamorous black attire. A handcuff, a paddle or a whip would be the perfect choice to make. Your leathery shoes go really well with a lustrous black Landskrona. It would not be easier to choose among an alluring collection but make a smart choice by pairing any of these with black nails and Burgundy lips.

7. Where to Buy Boudoir Outfits

Because most of our boudoir shoots allow several outfit changes, your own closet may exhaust its potential for a unique photography experience. You'll likely consider shopping for an extra special outfit or two. Make it a worthy experience! Here are our suggestions where to find what to wear for a boudoir photoshoot:

Adore Me offers a lovely variety of lingerie in all sizes, including corsets and stunning bodysuits. Just be ready to hop through a couple of marketing pages before you reach the goodies - still worth it!

Atomic Jane differs in offering distinguishing sexy costumes and lingerie sets. Burlesque, steampunk, gothic, pinup, clubwear, themed costumes, uniform, and so much more! The prices aren't cheap, as expected for any distinct products, but they have limited sales.

Yandy is a specialty site so consider browsing it in private. Most of their outfits are very sexy, some even provocative. You'll find leather, vinyl, and latex lingerie there. However, their catalog is diverse and massive, and the left-bar navigation will help you find anything from modest to daring. Devote time to it.

3 Wishes is possibly as expanse and diverse as Yandy sans that Playboy marketing. Mind you, besides gorgeous lingerie, you will still find leather and latex items, as well as animal prints, harness, fishnets, bow lingerie, high-waisted, and costumes.

Playful Promises visually stands out as a more inclusive online lingerie shop, right from the home page. Besides the regular inventory, they carry many fuller bust and curvy/plus size articles.

Honey Birdette is expensive, the collections are limited but they are exquisite. If your budget permits (few items are below $100), their high-quality outfits will make you stand out. Bondage and latex section also includes toys and accessories (collars, whips, floggers, cuffs, masks, and even spurs...

Frederick's of Hollywood has an ultra-sexy section as a cheaper alternative to Honey Birdette. Prices are 2-3 times lower and sales are frequent. They also carry a fair plus-size collection, babydolls, corsets, and lace lingerie.

Nasty Gal offers many sexy outfits at very affordable prices during their sales, which happen often! You may find bodysuits and lace sets for as little as $13!

Fashion Nova is an inexpensive store with tons of lingerie and intimates. Because it is part of a huge apparel store, items aren't as conveniently broken into categories. It will take time to go over 1,000+ styles all on one page. Think Amazon. Yet, there are sexy treasures to find, including handcuffs, garter sets, onesies, rhinestone body stockings, teddies, plus size, and more. Prices are very affordable.

Victoria's Secret is a household name for all things lingerie. They offer a good variety of quality items mostly tailored to modest-to-classy clientele. You will not find daring or extravagant items there.

Etsy Boudoir Outfits will require scouting but you can find some one-of-a-kind gems there.

Amazon Boudoir Outfits offers basic options for lingerie, chemises, negligees, but also exotic lingerie sets, teddies and bodysuits, corsets, bustiers, etc. A word of caution — shopping such sites is a hit-or-miss. Make sure to buy way in advance of your boudoir photoshoot in case you need to exchange something that doesn't fit or look as advertised.

This article is part of our new series, a Complete Guide to Boudoir Photography Experience. More resources are coming soon, below is their preview. Follow us on socials (links at the bottom) to know when new articles are posted.
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