If you are tired of seeing the same pregnancy photos over and over, no matter how beautiful they are, and are aching to add the wow factor to that beauty to stand out from the crowd, you came to the right maternity photographer. Multiple Fearless Photographer™ award winner, NYC-based Zorz Studios offers a different approach to pregnancy portraits. From the snow mountains of Alaska to the gentle sunrays of Santorini, from your New York or New Jersey backyard pool to the underwater cages of Mexico, from hilarious to epic inspired by Game of Thrones, from high fashion and classy to dramatic body painting, the potential is only limited by your willingness to step away from the traditional approach.

The artwork below should be telling already but here is what it is built upon. First, with his pregnancy photos spotted and featured by Cosmopolitan, Huffington Post, and other major outlets, our lead photographer Ed is a published commercial and fashion photographer with a set of skills not easily attainable by an average maternity photographer unfamiliar with the fashion industry. Second, his artistic background and switching from paintbrush to camera provide for the abiding skills of composing, lighting, and mood setting. In fact, those brushstrokes live on in post-production during the veiled digital art manipulation and light painting resulting in the unique pregnancy photos. Ed serviced as a digital retouching instructor for PPA, America's largest professional photographers association. Lastly and most importantly, Zorz Studios strives to be the leader, not the follower. To help create best pregnancy portraits, we religiously seek out and forge ideas, afraid of imitating ourselves and let alone others. Seeing our photos inspire other maternity photographers serves as an endorsing proof that we are achieving the goal. :)

Recent Maternity Shoots

Need to get an idea of how a full session goes, as opposed to looking at the tidbits from numerous maternity portraits? We try to find time to blog about some, take a look at the latest!

  • Icebreaker: NYC Underwater Photography Year Round
    I’ve been doing NYC underwater photography for 13 years but this maternity session sets my ground for something brand new in this seasonal region—a year round experience and access to uniqueness! Until Now, Either Seasonal or Resourceful For years, I’ve been falling behind my Florida […]
  • Nyala: Maternity Digital Art in Antelope Canyon
    Fake it till you make it, they say. Although the motto does not fully pertain to this shoot, the story could serve as an inspiration to other adventurous creatives, I suppose. And to my other readers, it’s an opportunity to see what else a photographer […]
  • Airborn: Drone and Underwater Maternity Photography
    This story is loaded with crazy stuff: my first use of a drone for a mom-to-be, failed equipment leading to a major upgrade of underwater maternity photography, and—get this!—this beautiful lady is a Delta pilot who comes from an F-16 fighting squadron. Read on!
  • Bubble: Chic Maternity Photography in Manhattan
    Here’s an example of an all-day chic maternity photography in Manhattan featuring a creative model-like mom-to-be, 7 outfits including a complete absence of it, 12 setups, 3 locations, a husband, pup, and other cool props.
  • Twin Peeks: Maternity Shoot in Manhattan
    One of the wonderful twins whom I worked with on a dramatic project 9 years ago asked for a maternity shoot in Manhattan. The other supporting twin joined us for a bloom, Grate Dane, sunset, fine art nude, and a milk bath.
  • Rosmary: Maternity Photos With Family
    Including family members into your maternity photos is always a welcomed step, even if a child is hardly, HARDLY cooperating…
  • Puzo: Diverse Maternity Session in Greenwich, CT
    This diverse maternity session in Greenwich, CT saw an upscale hotel room, tropical atrium, fallen-tree terrain, smoke bombs, police calling, and submerging underwater.
  • Reproduction: Turning Maternity Photo Into Statue
    A nude maternity session turned a photo into statue for a sculptural storytelling of the Greco-Roman period.
  • Aakash: Minnewaska State Park Maternity Session
    This Minnewaska State Park maternity session will lift you up from the underwater domain into the sky. Woof, publishing a fourth maternity session in a row… Yet more are lined up, including a sculpturesque vision… I should probably mix it up and do a few […]