Coming from the fine art and fashion backgrounds, Zorz Studios is known for its elaborate, fashion-driven, dramatic, and sometimes dark approach to photography. Let it not fool you — family photography is a needed window that gives us light and fresh air. When we work with families, it’s all fun, energy, giggles, and warmth! If needed, however, we can still make part of your family shoot worthy of a glossy magazine!

The immediate area of coverage is NYC, Long Island, Westchester, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania (Poconos and Delaware Water Gap). The coverage extended across 35 states in the past, however.

Check out some of our favorite family portraits below, followed by the full recent family shoots and events.

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Recent Family Shoots and Events

Need to get an idea of how a full session goes, as opposed to looking at the tidbits from numerous family photoshoots? We try to find time to blog about some, take a look at the latest ones!

  • Nest: Multi-Family Photoshoot in Connecticut
    What happens when five veterinarian friends decide to bring their newly expanded families for a retreat? For this 17-people multi-family photoshoot in Connecticut, I drove 200 miles one way. The reward was a joy-packed craze of opportunities. Vetz Are Back!!! Does a veterinarian ring a […]
  • Mama’s Love: Treating Clients and Friends to Free Portraits
    The past Sunday was overwhelmed with mama’s love as we celebrated Mother’s Day by treating our new local clients, friends, and neighbors (over 70 people!) to the touching portraits in our Poconos photo studio.
  • Free Mother’s Day Portraits in Poconos
    Mama’s Love annual event is finally back, in its seventh iteration. This year, I am treating my clients and friends to free Mother’s Day portraits in Poconos. Plus, I also invite all my neighbors to enjoy an 80% discount! Neither client nor neighbor, but a […]
  • Rosmary: Maternity Photos With Family
    Including family members into your maternity photos is always a welcomed step, even if a child is hardly, HARDLY cooperating…
  • Bughouse 2: Winter Family Photography in Poconos
    I revisited this fun bunch, now for their winter family photography in Poconos.
  • Jingle: Christmas Family Cheers for a Newborn
    Christmas family cheers are even merrier when a newborn joins. Check out this family shoot for one of the longest-standing clients of mine.
  • Frenz: A Day in the Life of Long Island Family
    What if a photographer spends the entire day with a family? With this premier documentary, I’m launching “A Day in the Life” experience, now available to all fun and adventurous families.
  • Tin: 10 Year Anniversary Photoshoot
    Wedding anniversary gift ideas are abundant and a 10 year anniversary photoshoot could be a powerful visual symbolizing family treasures and unity.
  • MZ Squared: Fall Foliage Family Photos
    Fall foliage family photos are bound to be beautiful but what if you spend all day with a family bursting with energy and ideas?

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