About the Service

Why consider photo restoration? Have you ever adored a beautifully preserved piece of art at a museum? Been stunned by a level of preserved details of artifacts? Would you be awestruck knowing that what you are looking at is close to what others were witnessing or touching decades or centuries ago? As you know, these treasure were likely restored by trained professionals. They would go millimeter by millimeter, cleaning, patching, replacing, and piecing together a legacy.

Give your family treasures a second life! Through skilled digital image remastering, photo restoration by Zorz Studios will turn your old, faded, cracked, and damaged photos into revived images that can be proudly framed and displayed on your desks and walls, keeping the originals safe and intact for even more generations to come.

Get rid of the worries of keeping your fragile heirlooms in the dark drawers behind the seven seals. Let us replicate them in a restored and enhanced state. They could then be freely taken out, passed around, enlarged, framed, and hung. If you’d like to have it on your wall, we’ll print it for you on fine art paper, cotton canvas, wood, or even a modern metal finish!

Photo restoration areas of expertise:

Missing parts restoration

Scrapes and scratches elimination

Bringing vivividy to faded images

Removing stains

Water damage

Sun damage
Mold damage

Neutralizing the sepia tone

Color correction

Damaged parts fixing

Blemishes removal

Colorization of B&W photos

About the Artist

This meticulous work is personally handled by Ed, the studio owner and lead photographer who is a Photoshop expert with his retouching classes taught for Professional Photographers of America. He also offers beauty retouching and fantasy art. Check out his sample tutorial on Photoshop magic bringing a failed image to an epic poster.

Sending Photos to Us

For photo restoration of images printed on paper, the best results are achieved when working on properly scanned images. If you have access to a lab-quality scanner, send us the electronic files. Otherwise, mailing the originals is recommended—we’ll do the scanning for you. We may also pick them up in NY/NJ/PA area.

Alternatively, you can take a photo of your vintage print but be aware that this will produce a low quality output on your end. We will also have less of a leeway on working and enhancing such images (see the example of a wood block print above). At the very least, use the latest mobile phone or better yet, DSLR or mirrorless camera. Take photos straight from above in even lighting. Fill in the frame as much as you can; this will give our photo restoration the highest resolution possible. Avoid shaking and catching any reflections. Daylight is strongly recommended.

When sending photos, emailing is strongly recommended. Do not cut corners, you’ll be cheating yourself on the final product! There is a famous saying in programming: GIGO. Garbage in, garbage out. Most phone email apps reduce the size of any attached image by default. Even if the resolution looks decent to you (say, more than 2,000 pixels), the quality will be scaled down by the app’s aggressive compression. If you used your phone, upload the files as originals (so, no Google Photos, either) to a cloud service like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, WeTransfer, etc. We can also set up our own server to accept your files.


The average turnaround time is 5-21 days depending on photo restoration complexity and volume. Scanning and mailing adds time.


Pricing starts from $20 but increases significantly ($200 or more) for advanced techniques such as restoration of damaged or missing parts and colorization. Snap a quick photo on your phone and send it to us to receive the estimate of your photo restoration project.

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