Be My Wife: Celina + Brian = Rainy Day Wedding

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Be My Wife: Celina + Brian = Rainy Day Wedding by Zorz Studios (88)

The car and brain games enthusiasts’ romantic adventures continue, now on their rainy day wedding along with a wacky bridal party!

Back to Celina and Brian, whom you could see in their turbo-charged engagement session featuring a sporty McLaren and his baby BMW Roadster. Two weeks ago, their wedding day came bringing a rare joy of rain. “Rare” not because rains do not happen at weddings but because the bride, as well as her bridesmaids and the entire bridal party, could not care less about getting their shoes and boots wet and dirty on the vast rural property of Dolce Norwalk, a business and leisure venue spread across 66 acres of rolling hills, lush meadows, and peaceful woods.

You could tell from the engagement session that the car theme will not let go and the reception table signs, echoed with their “grand arrival”, are the proofs. What you would not know is that the bright mind that Celina is, she is a huge fan of various games, mostly puzzles and guessing. A wedding wouldn’t be a wedding if she did not have Apples to Apples and Scrabble Catchphrase around. And that hilarious game at the party where you see guests acting jolly akin to the improv comedy skits performed on the show Whose Line Is It Anyway? A sure sign of some fun-loving gal! (Bonus: check out our Zoracle Daily recent issue for 6 Unexpected Wedding Reception Game Ideas article.)

The fun wouldn’t be well cultivated and boosted if the bridal party weren’t that silly and cooperating with our silly requests. You see them there making the most out of the rainy day wedding and cheering the couple, and, in the words of the bride herself, “bucking the trend of pretty-princess-can’t-get-my-gown-or-hair-wet brides”. Want to hear more about the gems of a rainy day wedding? Read another Zoracle Daily’s featured article7 Reasons You Want Rain on Your Wedding Day.

A very precious and emotional moment came when Celina received a gift from her husband-to-be, a beautiful pendant that had a stone from her mother’s wedding ring. Brian received something sizable that could not be opened in public… I did not even ask about it for my story. It could just be a toy car collection, eh? 🙂

This wedding was the first when I got into the spotlight of the wedding officiant, a priest in this case, and it wasn’t for something bad I did (mind you, just approaching the altar area, for example).  The ceremony started, everyone was sitting quietly, and at some point he loudly inquired about my name across the room and kindly asked to bring something from the entrance area (check the behind-the-scene shot at the end by Alex who helped me that day). He then asked me where I was coming from and perhaps another question or two… I was all blushing from the sudden attention on everyone’s turned smiling heads in the surrounding silence, so cannot remember the rest. I think I eventually came up with an excuse to keep working. The priest delivered one of the most touching and kindest ceremonies I’ve attended, by the way.

Beautiful, fun, and smart bride, cool groom, emotional moments, picturesque location, goofy bridal party, and a rainy day wedding—all the ingredients for an unforgettable and unique marriage celebration!

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That’s me getting into the spotlight and then resorting to work:

Ed Hafizov
Ed Hafizov
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