How to Get Cheap Deal for Leiebil Trondheim

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To rent a car in Norway, you need to know how to get a good deal. The costs of rental vehicles are high compared to the States, so you need to look for ways to find a cheap rental car in Norway. It’s not a mission impossible to find a deal that won’t break your budget. You just have to know where to look at.

There are several ways to get a low price on billeie i Trondheim, including booking in advance, unlimited mileage offer, suitable insurance, etc. For starters, be sure about the vehicle pick-up and drop-off day. That can help you plan your trip to Norway in detail.

Take Advantage of Early Booking

To avoid paying more than you can afford, you should first try to get a rental car in advance. In Norway, you can choose from the major rental companies and make sure to check with all of them to get the best deal.

Some big rental car hires are Hertz, Enterprise, and Europcar, so look for their offices if you plan to drive around Trondheim. But keep in mind that their airport and station offices can have higher rental rates than those in a city.

One of the best ways to get a cheap car rental in Trondheim is to use comparison websites. Search for reputable providers, compare their terms and conditions and be sure to read online reviews before making a decision. You can usually find great deals this way. If you’re already in Trondheim, you could also ask locals for advice.

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Vehicle Type

When you’re looking for a cheap rental, you should consider the type of vehicle you need. If you’re visiting Oslo or Trondheim, you’ll likely be driving on crowded or narrow streets. You don’t need large cars, as their fuel consumption is high in city areas.

Instead, opt for an economy or compact vehicle, particularly diesel or electricity powered. For extra savings, find companies that have electric or hybrid models on offer. The supercharger network is widespread in Norway, as this country has the most electric vehicles per capita. Some companies have special offers for free charging and kilometers.

You can find some helpful guidelines on driving electrical vehicles here:

Manual cars are a cheaper option, as they consume less fuel. Plus, these vehicles are convenient when driving on snowy roads, as they provide you with better wheel control. But these vehicles are not a handy choice if you are not used to this type of transmission. So don’t change comfort for a few bucks.

Pay Attention to Surcharges

If you travel with kids to Norway, you will need a car seat in your vehicle. The laws in Norway oblige drivers to have a car seat for kids under the height of 135 cm. Some car rental companies also offer child seats for an extra fee. If you bring your seat, you can save a few tens of dollars. The same goes if you bring your own GPS or use Google Maps on your phone.

Always remember to double-check the age of all drivers you name when booking a vehicle. Most companies allow you to add an extra driver to your reservation for free. But if they’re younger than 25, you might need to pay a young driver surcharge. Ask a company about this fee to avoid unpleasant surprises once you come to pick up the vehicle.

Insurance Options

When driving a rental vehicle in a foreign country, you should never get into a situation where you don’t have proper insurance (check more info). That’s not something you should cut corners on, but you shouldn’t overpay it, too.

If you want to save money on a car rental in Trondheim, you should try to find one that has good insurance and no excess fees. As a rule, it’s best to have your car insured against fire, collision, theft, and all other risks.

With a car in your hands, you can enjoy everything Norway has to offer. Self-driving is a great way to tour around while saving money. It is not difficult to find a rental cheap in Trondheim, so do your research in advance to save money.