Hey, neighbors! I’m Ed, professional photographer living in Wild Acres. You may remember my social project Porch Portraits: Lockdown in Poconos earlier this year, or a few our other community event coverages like summer carnival and grads 2020 car parade.

I am free this Halloween 2020 so I thought, why not give our “trick-or-treaters” not just candies but also something I like doing for my community — a few quick portraits? They will be free.

When you come, I’ll spend a few moments with you and/or your kids, pose creatively, snap some shots, provide your earned candy, and see you off. I’ll share a gallery where you can download your free Halloween photos in high resolution the following week.

To get a feel of my family photography work, click here.
I will need to identify your images afterwards and get in touch with you. To minimize the contact, please text me the following required information right after the shoot:

- full name;
- email address;
- approximate time of your shoot;
- brief description of subjects (say, "two boys wearing...")
Since I am not charging for this fun project, I'd like to at least create a good memory of it and share your photos (including children) on this page, social media like our Wild Acres Facebook groups, and maybe my blog. If you object, please advise before I start shooting and remind me in that text message.

Each participant will get professional quality digital images, guaranteed. However, unlike the passport type of portraits, the feel of them will vary greatly, depending on the subjects' comfort, character, mood, and time available. Remember, I am not doing full-fledged photo sessions there. Please don't hold it against me if someone else's photos turn out cooler and funnier than yours. :)


Portraits will be offered on our driveway. If you see another group being photographed, please wait in your car on the curbside as a coronavirus precaution. When leaving, it is advisable to make a u-turn because the road ahead is unpaved and very rough, possibly flooded (see map below). Feel free to use either of our two driveways. In case of a congestion, an alternative u-turn is at the end of Lakewood Dr.

The Preview is Published!

UPDATE 11/02/20: Click here to read the blog story and see some 40 photos from this boo-tiful and fun day! We'll be emailing individually regarding the rest of the images later this week. Enjoy!
Shootoween 2020: Free Halloween Portraits in Poconos

Image Delivery

UPDATE 11/06/20: All images are now delivered via email to the participating families. Let me know if you haven't received them but check your spam folder first, please.

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