October 27, 2022

Countryside Chateau Wedding in France: Mon Bonheur

The French couple whose surprise proposal on Times Square I documented back in 2019 not only fought back the COVID cancelations but also stayed true to having me cover their countryside chateau wedding in France. See how this French wedding differed from an American. It’s […]
November 20, 2019

Aslewwish: Modern Viking Wedding in Ohio

This modern viking wedding in Ohio had a horse, a sword, arrows, drinking horns, Tolkien, ballroom and burlesque dancers, Harley Davidson, and… Metallica!
May 18, 2019

Trop Précieux: Frenchman’s Marriage Proposal on Times Square

You might think of Eiffel Tower as the dream location to propose to your loved one but I have a Frenchman who flew to NYC for his marriage proposal on Times Square, in the rain!
September 5, 2017

Bell Hunters: Stephanie + Josh = Dominican Republic Wedding

Our earlier fashionable Antelope Canyon engagement couple exchanges their vows in a fairytale Dominican Republic wedding with the sunset blowing its kiss on the ocean breeze.
April 18, 2017

Canyon: Fashionable Engagement Session at Antelope Canyon

This engagement session at Antelope Canyon had all the ingredients for a rare combination of wild and fashionable whereas the trip was one heck of a crazy adventure…
March 27, 2017

Only in India: Sushmitha + Abhinav = (The Longest) Destination Wedding in India

Immerse yourself into the longest Indian wedding I have covered—six days—and being a destination wedding in India itself, it was filled with ceremonies and rituals, some of which I have not seen before. Get a spicy taste of Indian weddings only seen in India!
January 13, 2017

Caught in Traffic: Olessa + Joe = Punta Cana Destination Wedding

Just like a metropolitan morning commute, this TV traffic reporter’s Punta Cana destination wedding was jammed with insane photo ops, including trash-the-dress session in a jungle swamp and underwater photography.
November 3, 2016

7th Circle: Manjula + Evan = Indian-Jewish Wedding

Indian weddings tend to be eventful, leaving little room for my time-consuming creative photo adventures. However, either because of the interfaith nature of this Indian-Jewish wedding, or more likely because of the bride’s urge for “eclectic” and “editorial” approach, this Indian wedding resulted in some cool […]
October 6, 2016

India, Monaco: Avni + Asheesh = Destination Romance Photo Session

What could be a perfect destination for a romance photo session? Many, like this Indian couple, think France. Add a spice of Monte Carlo and a romantic photographer, and you get this editorial style rendezvous…
April 29, 2016

MerMarried: Destination Wedding in Mexico

I have not yet met a bride (or any young lady) who is such an aficionado of Disney princesses, the Little Mermaid in particular. And what good is a mermaid if she doesn’t go underwater? A destination wedding in Mexico is in order!
November 19, 2015

Strings Attached: Rachel + Aaron = Rocking Wedding

The tale of flying guitars, insanely started in a nightclub, unfolds into a slightly more civil sequel—a rocking wedding.
October 16, 2015

Wolke 9: Jana + David = German-American Rustic Wedding

After glitz and gloss of NYC weddings, this Vermont rustic wedding felt like a breath of fresh air, ever so resonating with my own a month earlier.
September 2, 2015

Phillyng in Love: Shruti + Milan = Indian Wedding

Compared to my multiple wedding gigs in India, this Indian wedding in Philadelphia felt local to me, yet treated me to the same warmth, ecstasy, brilliance, and passion.
August 9, 2015

On a Personal Note: Elopement Wedding, Trip to Moldova

A week ago I returned from a 10-day trip to Kishinev (Chișinău), my hometown and the capital of Moldova, a former Soviet Republic and a small country located between Romania and Ukraine. The purpose of the journey was blissful but serene—my own wedding—hence its elopement nature.
June 15, 2015

Rock N’Love: Rachel + Aaron = Engagement Session

To strike the chord with some neutrally-tuned fellas, you need to dig deep when brainstorming your clients’ engagement session ideas.
May 7, 2015

Blue Birdies: Model-Like Family Portraits in Miami, FL

Some photographers are blessed with model-looking children, making it twice as easy to shoot their family portraits!
May 1, 2015

Going Coconuts: Olga + Paul = Destination Wedding

Some couples seek nothing in their destination wedding but crazy fun, caring little about glamour or scale. They put together a gang they can keep a headcount of on one or two hands, and go wild like because no one is recognizing them.
April 17, 2015

Sprout to Roots: Destination Maternity Shoot in Greece

When you think about destination photography, weddings come to mind, as something quintessential and worth the effort and investment. To some clients, their maternity, and especially first, becomes as significant. If destination maternity is done right, the return on that investment speaks volumes, and it […]
January 5, 2015

Her Name is India: A Beauty Shoot in India

Some of commercial photographers’ best projects are their personal ones, destined to remain veiled for some time. This beauty shoot took place almost a year ago in India and is among my most treasured.
November 9, 2014

Shruti + Milan = Indian Engagement Session

Meet Shruti and Milan, a wonderful couple from Philadelphia, PA, having fun and goosebumps in their cute engagement session. They were referred to me by another Indian couple, Raj and Jaspreet, whom I had a mighty joy to photograph last year.
June 29, 2013

Meera and Arjun: Wedding Odyssey, Part 2, India | Destination Wedding Photography by Zorz Studios

Today marks the first anniversary for my dear friends Meera and Arjun whose wedding I had an opportunity to photograph in Bangalore, India. This unforgettable odyssey began long before, with their candid proposal session in NY and the engagement session in CA which were thoroughly […]
January 26, 2013

Wedding: Nicole and Filipe, Portugal | Destination Wedding Photography by Zorz Studios

I had several opportunities to travel for work abroad last year. One of the trips was to a pristine Portuguese village of Penedos do Alenquer 60 km away from Lisbon to photograph a wedding of Nicole and Filipe.
March 17, 2012

Meera and Arjun: Proposal and Engagement Sessions (Destination Wedding Photography Oddysey, Part 1)

As some things are happening in life, they hold your breath. You watch them form and shape, still afraid to blow off the feather of destiny. When they do finally take place, you are not relieved to gasp for air… they leave you breathless in […]
January 17, 2012

Destination Maternity: Alaskan, Russian, Tough, Pregnant.

People heard I did it… A destination maternity session in Alaska. They hear the rumors of it being shot on top of an Alaskan mountain in unpredictable October, on the mom’s-to-be 9th month… They can’t wait to see… For now, I will only say it […]