Digital Photography for Moms online class by Zorzkool (2)



Feel like you cannot possibly hire a pro to document every fleeting moment your family is living?

Happy with your shiny phone's pics quality but lack creativity and advanced control?

Do you have a DSLR camera but are stuck in the Auto mode?

No plans for a DSLR camera but still want to learn to see and think like a professional?

Bought photography books and found online articles but never got to read them?

Wished you had someone to just give you the gist, listen to you, and walk you through?


Join our Photography Club in Wild Acres community of Dingmans Ferry, PA!

I'm Ed from Zorz Studios. A professional photographer since 2006, I've been teaching creative photography to middle and high school students for years, as well as to professional photographers via PPA. When WALPOA's recreation committee started creating hobby clubs, I thought: "Why not bring my knowledge to my neighbors?"

With a professionally designed and commercially taught 5-part photography course at its core, our club will tell you all about digital photography and how you can finally put your camera's potential to use, whether it's your phone or a professional camera.



100 slides

loaded with information, tips, and tricks




charts that my inner designer made me do from scratch




charts that my inner designer made me do from scratch


Besides the obvious material taught everywhere, you'll learn things like...

— Are trendy mirrorless cameras better than DSLRs?

— The worst thing about a zoom lens you wouldn't guess...

— One case when you need to use a flash but would hardly think of.

— How a sock can save your party.

— How to achieve a shallow depth of field even if you know nothing about the aperture.

— Do you really have to stand still when taking a photo?

— A creative way out of a photo with noise.

— What to do if your color is only slightly off and changing a preset makes things worse?

— Why you would want to make a cool day look even colder.

— A way to make your camera's quick Auto-mode decisions artistic.

— How to soften the shadows without using any light diffuser.

— How to fight the harsh shadows on your child's face on a sunny day with no sort of shade around?

— The largest softbox is within your everyday reach!

— How not to miss a chance to create an Old Masters portrait of your child when the light seems terrible.



1. Equipment

— Camera (DSLR vs mirrorless)

— Lenses (4 types and uses)

— Flash (internal and external)

2. Exposure

— Aperture (including depth of field)

— Shutter speed (including motion blur and freeze action)

— ISO (including digital noise)

3. Camera Settings

— File types (JPEG vs. RAW)

— White balance (control, correction, scenes, shift)

— Shooting modes (Auto, Program, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, Manual)

4. Lighting

— Basic principles

— Outdoor lighting (including reducing of unflattering shadows)

— Indoor lighting (best approaches)

5. Improving Your Photos

— Point of interest

— Looking for light

— Establishing the background

— Framing/composition

— Viewpoint and angles

— Leading the eye

— Rule of thirds

— Sense of movement

— Bringing out the subject


What's included

— Weekly in-person group meetings

— Slideshow presentation on a current topic

— Printable infographic handouts

— Q&A to help you with any photography issues

— Interactive hands-on experience

— Access to the private Wild Acres Photography Club Facebook group for the ongoing support, feedback, tips, materials, and announcements


When and Where

Our Wild Acres photography club will take place:

Wednesdays, 5-7 PM, starting 4/20/22

As a sponsor, WALPOA provides a spacious tent so the rainy days don't get in the way. When weather permits, we may also venture out for various projects in or around the community.



Please fill out the form if you're interested in joining the club. This is necessary for the headcount and customizing the program.

Make sure you see a "Thank you!" message after submitting, and that you receive the instant confirmation by email. If you haven't, the registration was likely incomplete. Please retry.



1What level of photography is this for?
Beginner to intermediate. If you already know the basics of exposure, you'll learn how to improve your photography visually or overcome some technical obstacles. If you have that artistic touch but know little about the camera besides the Auto mode, you will learn how to make the camera work for that vision of yours!
2My kids are also curious about photography, would they benefit?
Yes, definitely. Not much will differ in the techniques, principles, or advices between the age groups. I'm making the principles easy to understand but age 9+ is recommended for now.
3Do I have to own a DSLR camera?
You do not have to have one. While the workshop references the more advanced cameras when speaking of the controls, the principles of photography do not change. You'd need to cross-reference your camera's menu (including phone) to see how it lets you adjust the corresponding settings.
4What if I don't have any camera?
Lots of info applies to phone photography, too! And who knows, maybe you'll decide to get a camera after the class. It is fine and even advisable to get a sense of what a modern digital camera can do for your creativity and every-day recording needs. If you were on the fence of buying one, you will appreciate all the new opportunities!
5Can I attend the meetings selectively? Is any commitment required?
No commitments are required, you can attend selectively. Because it will be a diverse group with various levels and devices, not every topic may be applicable (although I'd still recommend them). I'll be keeping the members informed of the upcoming session topics through our Facebook club group to help decide.
6Do I have to register for the club meetings?
Yes. First, I need to evaluate the demand and prepare the resources accordingly. The registration form will also collect a few important photography background information. Lastly, I'll need your contact information for the urgent notices.
7Can I bring a friend/family member for atry-out without registering?
Sure, it is fine to bring a guest or child for a try-out. If they are over 18 and decide to keep attending, I'll ask them to register.
8Is this just for Wild Acres residents?
Yes, at the moment. We will consider opening it up to non-residents based on the initial enrollment.

Tell us what you think, please!