Ed's here from Zorz Studios, Manhattan-based photography studio specializing in fine art, fashion, commercial, underwater, event, and family portraiture. A professional photographer since 2006, I've also been volunteering to teach creative photography to middle and high school students for years, as well as to the professional photographers via PPA.


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Teaching experience

For five years I had an honor of being one of Josephine Herrick Project's volunteer instructors. JHP has implemented a broad range of photography programs, providing training, direction and equipment to underserved communities throughout New York. During those semester-long photography programs, I got to work at NYC public schools including LaGuardia High School of Music and Performing Arts, pre-teens with cognitive and emotional disabilities, teens on autism spectrum, and even with legally blind kids. The latter were among the most enthusiastic photography students!


The story

I've been asked about classes for a long time by both amateur and professional photographers. I like sharing knowledge and have been articulating via my blog where oftentimes I share thought process and execution. That blog writing alone is a huge time hog, I have to tell you, thus putting together a full course or a class was always out of question so far. Then coronavirus hit and I got more time on my hands. One day I decided to bring that teaching experience and my 14-year expertise online to my little photography school. Zorzkool was born.

I sat for 10 days and nights going over the ideas and organizing my notes from the previous workshops. I decided to start with the basics, attending to the most inquisitive group of my clients—moms. They have the privilege of kick-starting the school program! A few more classes that I have in mind will follow if all goes well.

Digital Photography for Moms online class by Zorzkool (15)

Online class: Digital Photography for Moms

This 3-hour intensive workshop will tell you all about digital photography and how you can finally put your camera's potential to use.

A number of my mom-clients were asking me if I could teach the basics to them. They were sharing the nuisance of owning an advanced camera that collects more dust than inspiring photos from a family vacation. So I custom-tailored my materials and expertise for moms. This will go beyond the basics—see the curriculum for yourself in the link below!

Class details


Here's what I invision for these classes:

— Intensive 2-4 hours of presentation (with short breaks)

— Interactive experience and questions collected during the presentation for Q&A

— Printable infographic handouts

— Private access to the workshop recording

— Bonus 30-min one-on-one follow-up with me via chat

— Access to a private Zorzkool Facebook group for the free ongoing support, critique, and tips

Individual continued coaching is also available at an affordable price.


Have any suggestions or comments? Drop a line below, please. Hope to see you in the class! Or, let your friends know by sharing, buttons provided. :)


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