The best camera and gears are not the only thing that matters while making a great wedding video. You have to play an important role in this whole process. You have to be that type of person that a couple would really want to have attended their wedding. It doesn’t take pay a thousand dollars to a film school if you want to get started with video production. Only the internet and this blog can help you to produce an outstanding wedding video. So, if you want to produce the sweetest video for your clients, keep reading till the end. We’re going to get started. 


Communicate with the whole scenario

A sit-down meeting with the engaged people is something that will help you through this. You have to determine what they really want in their video. Are they looking for a video where there will be certain moments? Do you need to know about any choreographed dances or surprises that’s gonna take place on the wedding day? The bride’s going to wear her Great Grandmother’s earring and you don’t know about it? Well, you have to capture all these magical moments to make your work stand out.


Carry as little gear as possible

The morning of a wedding is going to be hard as hell for you. You have to run here and there just like a ninja until the wedding is finally over. So you should carry as little gear as possible in order to take it easy on your shoulders and back. Only carry the important things that you need. There is no need to take all the lens at once. A camera with two lenses is an ideal approach to run around. But you should always carry extra batteries and formatted memory cards in your bag. You should also have a charging station for the dead batteries.


Have backups ready for audio

You can’t redo anything at a wedding. You can’t make a great idea if you don’t capture things instantly as they happen. You should have multiple audio sources recording. If your camera doesn’t record quality sound then you need to have external recorders. You can also plug into the DJ’s soundboard if there is any. That’s why you need to talk to the DJ before the wedding. But they won’t make you sure that they can get quality sound so you only have to rely on them for backup audio.


Capture those traditional moments

Typical wedding shots will help you to grab the attention of the clients. You have to determine your style by experimenting with various types of shots and couples want to see their cake-cutting, first dance, and vows. You have to cover all the important things so that the clients know no bounds of joy.


Keep the camera steady 

Steadiness is something you should achieve throughout your career. Going handheld is not an ideal option for outstanding wedding video editing. So you should have a tripod, or a monopod, or a glidecam, or a slider, or a shoulder rig so that you can quickly switch between your support.


Enough B-roll

B-roll is important while editing the video as well as it can come out as an enemy for you. It will be harder for you to produce a good wedding video if you don’t have enough b-roll. You will remember to shoot the exteriors of the venue but you can’t forget to shoot the people that are coming to the venue. The bride and groom surely want to see their family and friends in the wedding video. And that’s why you need to have an extra camera to capture the crowd part during the ceremony. Also, you can hide any rough edits with this footage.


Become a Ninja on the wedding 

The Ceremony is a challenging part of the day. You can’t change the lighting and you have to ge6t all the shots without being a huge distraction to the actual ceremony. You should change your style if you are a videographer with a huge rig, big matte box and all standing right beside the couple while the ceremony is going. It’s very disrespectful and very unsmart. You have to pretend like a Ninja or something else if that works because you can’t a distraction to the ceremony.


Handle low light situations

The worst nightmare for a wedding filmmaker is evening receptions. It will be dark both indoor and outdoor. In fact, venues dim the light when the dinner is served so that the party can finally begin. And that’s why you will need to have your own light setup to get certain spots in this type of situations. Your camera needs to handle low light situations well because guests will be disgusted by the camera lights if you use them all night long. You have to use light sparingly. Keep in mind that it would kill the mood if you leave the lights on during the entire reception.


You have to begin the great looking cinematic wedding video process inside the camera. You can add little in the post-production but the on-going process is the only thing that matters the most. So you have to get everything right at the moment of the shoot itself to make the best wedding video. You need to do a lot of practice because without practice these tips are nothing but worthless. So get on your feet and start employing these tips and become the best wedding videographer in your area.