Boudoir Photography Pricing for Poconos and Pike County, PA

Manhattan-based Zorz Studios is expanding to Pennsylvania's beautiful Poconos and Pike County areas with a new location in the Wild Acres of Dingmans Ferry, PA. We are pleased to offer something special to the neighbors!

Are you a Poconos or Pike County resident

looking for a unique

boudoir photography experience?

Free Boudoir Photoshoot 2021 in Pike County, PA by Zorz Studios


Get a treat by NYC-brewed
fashion photographer
with a European vision

15 years of experience

Featured in:
Vogue, Cosmopolitan,
Maxim, Elle, PopSugar,
Huffington Post, et al



Turning everyday women

into billboard models

with the art of:

- posing
- lighting
- composition
- retouching



Digital processing master

teaching magazine-cover retouching class

to other photographers

via PPA (Professional Photographers of America)



Four diverse environment and lighting setups

to meet any individual style and preference

Lifestyle Studio
Lifestyle Natural
Fine Art Studio



  • Each boudoir photography session includes a thorough pre-shoot consultation.
  • We help you develop your unique approach to boudoir photography and your personalized theme.
  • Hair and makeup are not included but available as options.
  • Only permanent residents of Poconos and Pike County are eligible for this pricing.
  • Travel within Pike County is included, outside travel incurs an adjustable transportation fee.


1Where are you located and how far are you willing to commute?
Our new Pennsylvania branch is located in Dingmans Ferry, PA. See the address at the bottom of any website page. We travelled out of NYC to 21 states and 23 countries on photo assignments between Alaska and India. A shoot in upstate New York, the Hamptons, Delaware Water Gap, or Washington, DC is local to us! You can take us anywhere, even in questionable places. Comfort, safety, and distance are not of a primary concern. Note that pricing varies territorially.
2Where's "on location"?
Anywhere away from our PA studio. Most clients prefer the comfort and safety of their homes, or of their friends/family. We can also go elsewhere. Some rent a hotel room, others find a cool spot at Peerspace or even Airbnb. We'll bring everything you need there!
3How are the in-studio sessions timed?
They are detrended by number of outfits. Each in-studio outfit gives between 30 and 60 minutes of shooting and is subject to our artistic assessment. We want to make sure we develop each outfit's potential and once it's done, you can change or complete your session.
4What are in-studio setups?
There are four main setups. First features a room with all-natural light with a bed, loveseat, and a window, resulting in a soft and ethereal feel. Second is in another room also featuring a bed but studio light is used instead of natural, offering more contrasty and dramatic light, often seen in magazine editorial shoots. Third setup is in a third room with paper backdrops and studio lights with a variety of cool modifiers—this produces highly fashionable and fine art shots with a feel of an upscale photo studio. Please note that all of these setups are NOT exclusive to in-studio packages. They can be easily replicated on location, including your home as we bring our complete studio lighting setup to you or any location! Forth setup is outdoors.
5Do you offer wardrobe and props?
We have a limited number of props like gloves, masks, necklaces, feathers, throw blankets, etc. Lingerie is not offered for hygiene considerations but we offer a consultation to booked clients on what and where to get.
6Do you only work with beautiful people?
Believe it or not, we hear this often and take it as a huge compliment... The short answer is: we make them beautiful. While our body of work does include a prominent fashion clientele including models, it is what we mastered and practiced in that fashion industry that helps us implement the best posing, lighting, and retouching techniques which may turn an average person into a magazine-worthy subject if this is your preference.
7Do you take "normal" photos? All these dramatic pozy shots in your portfolio...
Of course we do! In fact, most of them are "normal" and may not differ a huge lot from an average photographer. We just don't show them in our portfolio or blog, however cute and important they are to a client. Artists show their best so if you see mostly "normal" shots elsewhere, chances are there aren't many better ones. You can get those from us and on top of them, something different and not as attainable by the others.
8I'm body-positive, I don't support your retouching. Do you have to retouch?
Of course we don't have to. It will only make our job easier. :) Kudos to you! Most people expect us to retouch, however (and point out if we don't do enough), so this is what we show in the samples. Not to do it takes no effort, nothing to demonstrate. All our photography skills still apply (angles, lighting, posing) as you may still agree that we all have better sides.
9I don't like stiff and posed photos and want ours very natural-looking, can you help?
Yes, especially if you can act naturally. A funny thing happens when those wanting to look natural are asked to be natural... They freeze and look lost. They stare and ask: "Eh... What do I do?" And then they make silly movements... Very few can do without a photographer so however you are appalled by the word "posed", you will likely benefit from our direction and posing. It's the art of making the poses look natural and not as editorial if you prefer.
10I've never done such shoot and clueless what to do. Will you guide me?
Ah, this is one of the best things about Zorz Studios experience. Most of the shots you see in our portfolio are of people like you who also had minimal to no experience. They look like professional models, don't they? This is what we know how to achieve. Our experience in fine art and fashion industry, including building portfolios for aspiring models, lets us implement the trade secrets and techniques on how to pose and direct. Ed calls himself a sculptor and you should see him create his artwork! Not a single finger of yours will be left without his meticulous attention, not a degree of your head turn will be off, not a pose will be cliche and unflattering. However, he can let those comfortable and truly natural or knowing what to do take the lead and freely express themselves. It's only an easier thing to do.
11May I bring a friend along?
Absolutely! Feel free to invite anyone to feel more relaxed, fun, and secure!
12I don't want my photos shown in public, will you respect such request?
Absolutely, we will oblige to such request unconditionally.
13What forms of payment do you accept? Is there a cash discount?
Our dedicated secure online booking system accepts Mastercard, Visa, American Express credit cards and bank transfers. Personal checks are good and just require an additional time for clearing. Cash is also fine but there is no discount on the package base prices, unfortunately.
14Do you require a deposit? What is your payment plan?
In general, a 30% retainer is required to hold your date or get us committed, fully thinking, and preparing for the shoot. For portraiture sessions, concept development and research start only after the retainer is received.
15Is there a refund if I need to cancel?
No, the retainer is non-refundable but no money is lost with Zorz Studios! It will simply turn into a studio credit with no expiration date and you may even transfer the credit as a valuable and unique gift to your friend or family member. We faced a few such situations but all cases lead to making up and a happy end!
16How soon will I see my photos?
Typically, you will have the first look at them in one week to two months depending on the season and current workload. Technically, we can show the images the following day but you would not see what you expected when hiring us. What we do takes above the average effort and extensive time. We always have a standing job queue and, just like you would not appreciate others cutting the line in front of you and pushing you back, we cannot bump your order at the expense of others waiting even longer.
17Where can we see our photos first?
Each booking automatically creates an online gallery and this is where all photos will go when ready. The gallery is initially password-protected but you can freely give access to your friends and family. Hiding any number of images prior to sharing is possible. This gallery is used not only for sharing but also selecting your own favorites (if applicable) and ordering printed products (prints, canvas, cards, gifts, magnets, etc.) via a secured shopping card for a direct delivery to anyone who gets access. No need to collect and track others' orders!
18I'm ready to book. What's next?
For the express booking, please click a button under your desired package (see above). It will take you to the secure online payment page. We will be informed of the deposit payment and send you the link to complete the booking process. Once booked, we'll contact you to collect further details and start discussing you boudoir photo session!

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