Event Planner: Free Photography for Your Special Client in Need

Event Planner: Free Photography for Your Special Client in Need by Zorz Studios

Greetings, event planner! Thank you for you interest in my offer of free photography for one of your special client in need.


Because you have to give, too, and it feels good. Zorz Studios is not new to charity and community service. It opened in 2006 and since 2009, we’ve been donating 5% of wedding fees as part of our Feel Bigger in Heart program, amassing thousands of dollars so far. We’re a partner with Give a Wedding national foundation. We participated in Operation Smile, bringing smiles back to children with facial deformities by donating all proceeds from several charity events. For over a decade, I’ve also been running a contest giving away my full day of coverage to the winners. I’m a member of Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep (NILMDTS), a national group of elite photographers healing trauma of parents who lost their children. I’ve also volunteered teaching photography for many years in NYC underserved high schools and special needs organizations via Josephine Herrick Project, and in my own township now. Lastly, I offer my clients’ moms and dads free portraits on Mother’s and Father’s Days.

I know that there are couples and groups that cannot afford hiring a professional photographer. You, as an event planner, may be eager to help them but there is so much you can do alone… I’ll make it possible with photography.

There is another “why”, you’ll see it below.


Many couples and groups just want to cut their event costs. They can afford but understandably, want to stay frugal. They would not be a target of this offer. I’d like to help those truly in need (so their renting a luxury venue, catering and entertainment would be contradictive) or struck my recent adverse life events like loss of a family supporter or another financial blow.

Since this is my personal outreach, my ability to help such client in need will depend on availability, subject to time free from other paid projects. There is always a chance!


If you can think of such client in need, please reply by email or text to discuss their story and needs. If you are an event planner and found this page outside of invitation, feel free to contact me as I am open to new partnerships!

Final Word

I won’t be sincere if don’t say that I also want to earn your consideration for future business. This is unapologetically frank but those who wouldn’t say it in this case simply pretend it isn’t their true intention. I believe your decision will be easy to make after reading about what makes me different from those who also say they are different, and how it will benefit you. Click the button below.

Event Planners: Fill a Gap in Your Photographers List

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