Free Boudoir Photoshoot 2020

Free Boudoir Photoshoot 2020

In its 10th anniversary, Zorz Studios’ Boudoir Marathon is opening one free boudoir photoshoot spot!

Many have heard about our popular annual Boudoir Marathon when 5-10 ladies are photographed throughout the day in sequential short sessions, one at a time. We’ve used a variety of locations including studio, hotels, and even a castle! For this year we consider using a private house to create a lifestyle feel which until now has been a privilege of the full-price standalone boudoir sessions.

So, we’re looking for a host! Would you be open letting us use your house in exchange for a free boudoir photoshoot that same day? Actually, it does not have to be boudoir but will need to take one of the open 1.5-hr slots.

The house is preferred within 1.5-hour drive of our Manhattan office, whether it’s in NY, NJ, or CT. At least two rooms are needed (one for preparation, another for shooting). Additional rooms or areas are a plus, e.g. stairwell or hallway.

The boudoir marathon will take entire day, early morning to late evening including setup/breakdown of the equipment. Our team usually consists of four people (photographer, assistant, makeup artist, and hair stylist) plus two ladies at any given time (one being photographed, the other prepared for makeup/hair).

Boudoir marathon dates considered are Jan 25, 26, Feb. 1, 2

For an inspiration, check out the video featuring past Zorz Studios boudoir work (note that the referenced special pertains to 2019 campaign) or our blogs. If interested in getting a free boudoir photoshoot, please contact us soon!

Tell us what you think, please!