Win Free Couple Photoshoot: RomancEd Contest

UPDATE 02/14/22: Booyah!!! We have the winners—two lucky couples in love who won free photo sessions! To cheer up the remaining three finalists, we'll be making sweet offers to them, too. Want to try this or another type of contest, too? Follow us to catch the next prize!

UPDATE 02/04/22: We received a record number of entries in 13 years of this contest's history and narrowed down the finalists! Scroll down to cast your vote!

Welcome to the RomancEd couple photoshoot contest entry and voting page (for the background story, click here). You made it to the entry form but make sure you know what you are doing. The rules are at the bottom and may not work for you. This is not a sweepstakes or raffle... If you are cool with that, rev your engines!

Tell us about your vision of an epic couple photo session. Think about your fantasy portrait in a setting that would pump blood in viewers' hearts! Imagine the location, theme, and characters. Let the video below featuring our earlier couples' adventures inspire you! The cooler and more challenging it is to execute, the higher the chance of having it done, for free!

Voting ends February 13, 2022. Votes will be validated and two winners announced here on Valentine’s Day, 02/14/22. Have fun!

You can vote for one or more couples but you can’t vote for the same couple multiple times. Votes will be validated at the end so to save our cool couples from any recounting drama, let’s play fair. 🙂 To help your friends, feel free to share this page and just invite others!

First Place: Full-Day Photoshoot

Stephanie and Terrance: Mermaiding in Jamaica

This is our 25th wedding anniversary coming on May 24th! We would like to take some pics in Jamaica. 1. Horseback riding in the crystal blue water, 2. Underwater shoot in ballgown and tux touching fingertips like in the Sistine chapel. 3. Mermaiding in the bioluminescent waters at night. Under the stars, she finds her mer-man! 4. And maybe even a couple “dirty dancing” no one puts baby in the corner, waterfall poses. That would be an anniversary for the books! Fun, sexy, a lil gutsy and memorable!

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Second Place: 2-hr Photoshoot

Tanya and Kevin: Skydivers

Setup: drop zone, parking lot, packing tent, landing area, windsock, airplane, picnic tables. Keeping me warm after sunset, running to grab a sleeping bag to wrap me up & warming my car at the end of the day. Feeding each other bites of food at the picnic table from my cooler bag of meticulously weighed snacks. Stumbling to “remember” my name (I used a pseudonym when I skydived). Standing in the fields, staring up to the sky, trying to predict weather patterns. Raw electrical full-body pulses with the first cuddle on the couch in the packing area. Stealing a quick moment together between loads, on my picnic blanket, where I am sun tanning, next to the landing area. Walking out to the plane before taking a load of skydivers up to altitude for the coveted sunset load. Standing next to the blowing windsock watching the rainbow of canopies falling from the sky. The smiles and warm embrace after patiently waiting, watching to see that the parachute opens smoothly, safely returning to the ground. Sitting around the campfire listening to his guitar

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To cheer up the remaining three finalists, we’ll be making sweet offers to them, too!

Egle and Eugene: Piano Player and Singer

Piano Room/ Cocktail bar Piano Player, suit and tie, piano. Singer, classy dress, near piano ready to sing…. On a romantic New York evening, the piano player enters the bar, grabs a stiff drink. The piano player sits down and composes himself. He straightens his suit, hangs his hat, a fedora. He takes the drink in his hand and looks out into the crowd- not a small audience to his jazz music. The girl enters and gazes at the audience and gazes at the crowd. She is wearing sequined pink cocktail dress. She leans up against the piano, and requests a song… it’s a popular jazz number. There is chemistry between the piano player and the beautiful woman. She reads his cues so cleverly and never misses a beat. She looks at him and he knows exactly what to do. She hears the fall and rise of the intro of the song. She feels the rhythm and her body sways to the intro of the song…

Rebecca and Josh: Welding Sparks and Helmets

My husband loves anything that has to do with metal, smoke and fire. He is a pipefitter by trade welding is a big part of it. So for the photoshoot we could do a shop scene lots of smoke and fire and welding helmets. Shots of the the awesome sparks and the beauty welding creates. With he and I being sexy of course….. Im thinking he and i look kind of hot dirty a little….. ripped work jeans and work boots…. we have some welding helmets and the tools and such. We are a blast and a half so i know the mere entertainment you will receive during our time together will make this experience well worth it! Looking for photos of us i realized we have none together! So this shoot would be very special.

Cindy and Axel: Underwater Trash the Wedding Dress

We are dreaming to do beautiful pictures under the water, for example in a nice translucid blue lac in France at summer time ! Could be magic to have magic cinematic shots like that ! We also could imagine an after wedding photoshoot, after the D-Day, with part of our wedding dress, dirty style but with love as never, with a thematic around the journey, the starting adventure together !


  1. NEW All couples qualify—engaged, married, or simply in love, of all shapes and forms!
  2. The short list of finalists is picked by the studio, then the two winners are determined by voters.
  3. First prize: a free couple shoot, either photography or videography, up to 8 hours. This could be a wedding, too! If more hours are needed or the wedding spans multiple days, extra time is billable.
  4. Second prize: a 2-hour photoshoot.
  5. Engaged wedding clients already booked with Zorz Studios or another studio are welcome to enter but are eligible to win an engagement session only, if it is not included in the package yet.
  6. Entrants need to bring a fully developed, intriguing, and original idea for the couple photoshoot, and provide the resources for its realization.
  7. Winners must respond within 48 hours or their prize will be given to another finalist.
  8. Couple photoshoot must take place within nine months of the winning; a generously discounted service fee is offered afterwards. There is no time limitation for a wedding day within reason.
  9. Zorz Studios reserves the right to decline free service if after the contest, the couple changes or waters down the winning concept to what would not have qualified for the final round. That would miss the whole point of our giveaway!
  10. Prizes may not be exchanged or transferred and no cash alternative or studio credit can be given.
  11. Free photography or videography service covers time of one professional and basic photo processing or video editing. Additional services and products such as advanced retouching and editing, albums, prints, highlight videos, music clips, etc. are optional.
  12. Third-party fees are optional and likely to occur, being couple's responsibility (e.g., permits, rentals, props, transportation around or out of NYC, accommodations if needed).
  13. To cover the wedding for free, Zorz Studios' lead photographer/videographer must not be already booked on the winners' date at the time of contest completion. Studio reserves the right to accept another client's paid booking on the winners' wedding date after the contest but in this case, will provide the wedding day coverage by an associate photographer/videographer.
  14. If for any reason, including force majeure events, the winning wedding date is rescheduled, upholding the prize will be to the studio's discretion based on availability and other factors.
  15. This contest is our lead photographer's personal outreach and volunteering. If he becomes seriously ill or otherwise impaired on your wedding day, coverage will not be possible. An optional substitution may be arranged for a minimal fee, much lower than our regular prices.
  16. Entrants must be willing to appear publicly on Zorz Studios' social media platforms with their story written at the studio's discretion.
  17. In return for our effort, the winning couples will help us promote the imagery on their personal social platforms by sharing, re-posting, and allowing us to tag. Full credit and link to Zorz Studios website needs to be given.


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