Meera Seshadri

Sergey Razumov
January 22, 2021
Maya Beynishes
January 22, 2021

Ed is not only a brilliant artist, but has become a close personal friend. He has been there for us, supporting us, through every step of our journey. From hiding behind the pillars at The Met for a surprise proposal shoot to clambering over rocks at the Sutro Baths, to capturing an intimate moment in a sea of 300 people in the Taj West End gardens, Ed’s default is always “above and beyond.” He has an eye for the elegant, out of the ordinary, and glamorous. He will make even a relaxed, laid-back capture seem stunning. If you want your special occasion immortalized, talk to Ed. And that’s the best part – he’ll talk with you until you feel totally comfortable and excited about being photographed. We love Ed!