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Valentines Are Red: (Not Your Typical) Boudoir Marathon 2015 by Zorz Studios (25)
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January 24, 2021
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January 24, 2021
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It was by chance that our paths crossed right before our wedding. The moment I saw Ed’s work, I knew that I would not want any other photographer. Ed is a master at what he does. His work is incredible, his personality charming, and his demeanor calm and supportive. Ed and his team are highly professional, incredibly creative and fully dedicated to you. It is amazing how fun it was to work with them, with light and ease and lots of humor. Ed has unlimited energy and a very special way of keeping everything rolling and everyone uplifted regardless of the circumstances. Ed also finds and works with amazing people and with him anything is possible.

Winning the Engaged Contest, we came to Ed with an idea for a 1930’s inspired Engagement photoshoot. Ed, being himself with his thirst for adventure, quickly took our idea and completely blew it out of proportion of what we could imagine. It was such a memorable experience to have our hair and makeup done at 3am in the home of Vesta, a professional makeup artist, who was so gracious to lend her apartment for preparations while her husband was sleeping in another room; to shoot under the Brooklyn Bridge at 5am when the air was crisp, temperature cold, and our bodies willingly following Ed’s directions; and to be in the company of great people who made us laugh and kept us warm 🙂

Our wedding took place in Jamaica and with Ed it was an adventure we will remember! From shooting underwater in the open ocean, to hikes to the waterfall and even climbing onto an abandoned boat with waves that engulfed us from head to toe. Ed is a master of posed photography and, at the same time, knows how to capture the right moment without any interruptions. He crafts each image instead of shooting thousands of bland photos. His photography is very artistic and expressive, simply unique! We highly recommend this company and would definitely work with them in the future!