Elkin Cabrera

Rose Castaldo
January 22, 2021
Alina Keyserman
January 22, 2021

★★★★★ When I first saw Ed’s work before he took off to new heights, I knew one day he would raise the bar amongst professional photographers. We flew him in to Palm Beach, FL to study the setting of the Bethesda Cathedral and The Breakers Hotel. As an Aficionado of architecture and photography, I saw Ed walking the grounds, studying the field, paying attention to detail and truly absorbing the emotion of our wedding… This is what great artists are made off and shortly enough he took us all by surprise and set a foot print off his own in the world of professional photography. To say Ed has reached new heights is a short cut to thinking because we will never know how he intends to impress his audience next… You could be Ed’s latest master piece. Thank you Ed for taking that memorable photo that today sits in a 100 year old historic home in Florida and previewed by several media outlets. Elkin & Erica