Anya Caliendo
January 24, 2021
Valentines Are Red: (Not Your Typical) Boudoir Marathon 2015 by Zorz Studios (4)
Alex Mazo
January 24, 2021

It is an extremely rare occurrence that one comes upon talent that has no boundaries in it’s vision.I consider my collaboration with Ed Hafizov, Owner of Zorz Studios, as nothing short of a transcendent experience. Ed had come into my life at a time when I was readying my first collection “Je Ne Regrette Rien” for photography. I had something grander in mind than the “typical”: I wanted to capture, not only the collection itself, but create an enchanted illusion of spectacular characters with soul and beauty out of each of my hats.

Ed listened carefully, observed and expanded my vision to a divine level of photographic perfection that I thought unattainable previously. He possesses an astonishingly productive work ethic and a reliability, coupled with the more important fact that he is not solely a photographer in the technical sensibility; he is a true artist of vivid imagination and vision.

am looking forward to future artistic collaborations with Ed on my upcoming collection, “Russia Magical”.