March 22, 2022

Engayged: Fun LGBTQ Engagement Photo Session in NYC

Folks, please welcome my first published LGBTQ engagement photo session. Where did I take this same-sex engaged couple for that? A NYC laundromat—for a reason—and I added a splash of fun to it.
January 5, 2022

Free Couple Photography: RomancEd 2022 Contest

Calling ALL couples with the biggest news in Zorz Studios contests’ 13-year history! The contest opens to the married couples and anyone of legal age who’s in love! No more need to be engaged. Think you are offbeat and resourceful? Show your flair in our […]
January 6, 2020

Wedding Giveaway: EngagEd 2020 Contest

Got engaged? Think you are offbeat and creative? Show your merit in our wedding giveaway which turns 11 years! Enter our EngagEd contest and hit us with the coolest concept of your engagement photo session. Zorz Studios will shoot it for you or even cover […]