Bughouse 2: Winter Family Photography in Poconos

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Bughouse 2: Winter Family Photography in Poconos by Zorz Studios

I revisited this fun bunch, now for their winter family photography in Poconos.

Bugs Again

My readers will recognize these wild kids. Their NYC family has a vacation house in my Poconos community. I first worked with them in the summer of 2019, in the first Bughouse issue. Then we did another fun project with two more families.

That year, I touted my shortest work commute to their vacation house already; it was like 4 minutes. Apparently, the guys decided to make it even easier for their family photographer so they moved even closer to me, about 4-5 houses down the road. The commute is now 2 minutes. Traffic is fair, think I saw a squirrel.

Olga the mom dreamed of doing a fun winter family photography in Poconos. Since they don’t come to their vacation house as often in winter, the challenge was to catch the snow. She hoped to do it around the magical time of Christmas, perhaps getting some Christmas lights in, and we targeted that weekend in December. There was no snow, unfortunately. In fact, the first two months of winter, December and January, were pretty warm, hardly below freezing point. If it snowed, it rained.

Holiday Pajamas

I still came for the Christmas tree shots. Worked on the traditional family portraits, then messed around with their hair (grandparents excluded). It surely wasn’t enough fun, and not wintery at all. So, I said, let’s wait for the snow. We sat to drink tea, but the snow didn’t come. Another round of tea (I love pastry!) but still no sight of Elsa. I said, “Let me come back in a few weeks”. They agreed after checking their stock of cookies and cakes.

Winter Fun, Take 2

The plan was to wait for a snowstorm and see if their plans to visit Poconos would align. They did last week! And here we are, having a good time with the winter family photography in Poconos! I asked the kids to race, jump, sled, snowball fight, climb their tree house—just to have a heck of the time when even eating snow was allowed. Tried to be as much in the action as possible but in leu of bringing my underwater equipment just wrapped the camera in a plastic bag.

I wanted to post these right after the snow shots… That Valentine’s Day annual boudoir special sucked out everything past week, causing delays with all projects. And now we’re in February, having a snowstorm after snowstorm. The next is coming tomorrow, with hopes for a cool secret project for another long-time client of mine! Stay tuned, and catch a chance to get professional winter family photography before it all melts, it’s beautiful here in Poconos!

Behind the Scenes

A couple of behind-the-scenes shots courtesy of the parents:

Ed Hafizov
Ed Hafizov
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