Bhaaloo: Maternity Session by Raymondskill Falls

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High: Lake Minnewaska Engagement
July 13, 2020
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Bhaaloo: Maternity Session by Raymondskill Falls by Zorz Studios (2)
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Provided there is time to write, my blogs usually need something unique to be published. With this maternity session by Raymondskill Falls, I’m making an exception. Let me explain.

No, no, no, don’t get me wrong. It is not that this maternity session is not special or beautiful. By itself, and for this Indian family for sure, the session is breathtaking. Strictly speaking, it is not technically unique to me because I’ve just published another maternity shoot by Raymondskill Falls a few weeks earlier. So, not only is the theme repeating but also the location…

The past two months are seeing a spike in maternity shoots. Expecting moms who are either tired of the spring lockdown or worried about a possible second wave of coronavirus, are among the impatient ones. As I mentioned earlier, I have seven maternity photo sessions in the course of several weeks. Some other jobs are also squeezing in, so time is a scarce resource nowadays, however short-lived this spike will be. I have another four-day shooting streak away from the office in a few days so I have to skip some cool blogs to avoid falling behind all deadlines…

But, as I started going through this second maternity session by Raymondskill Falls, I could not resist the emotions. How gently these two little bears cuddle! True, I instructed them to do so but people do it differently. These two melted my heart so here we are.

Aimee and Jeffin found me via my studio’s PA branch listing on Yelp. Yelp is a love-hate thing. The service has a sour reputation among small business owners. In my experience, they dissolved the promised ad credit and hid all my positive reviews from the few local PA clients I managed to find after opening that branch. Hiding coincided with stopping my paid advertising. In contrast, Google clearly credited my ad account and all reviews go there whether you advertise or not, positive and negative. And yet, people do find me on Yelp and I got a few jobs in PA that way so my initial advertising with Yelp got me ROI. Oy, sorry to bring this up in such a touching blog.

The forecast showed rain that morning but we decided not to reschedule. It did rain a bit, hence the umbrella. I had to Photoshop out the larger wet spots on the dress. Throughout this whole maternity session by Raymondskill Falls, Jeffin was so caring and gentle with Aimee! It may also be that he’s so big and strong, almost two heads higher, that a notion of a family protector — be I not found by the feminists — is heightened further. I had to take a portrait of him.

Enjoy these mama and papa bears in the woods!

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A special thanks to Aimee’s sister for her help!

Ed Hafizov
Ed Hafizov
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