Eagle’s Nest: Epic Maternity Session (+Underwater Bonus)

Bomb Squad: Family Photo Session by Zorz Studios (1)
Bomb Squad: Family Photo Session
August 2, 2016
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Birth of Venus: Alexandra + Ricardo = Rustic Wedding
September 29, 2016
Eagle's Nest: Epic Maternity Session (+Underwater Bonus) by Zorz Studios (27)
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An accidental find of a dramatic location helped offsetting the challenges of shooting underwater during this epic maternity session.

Victoria has been a fan since around 2009, waiting for a special occasion for a proper photographic treat. A perfect opportunity came this year as she bears twins. Seeing the seasonal spike in my recent maternity shoots, she approached me with interest in a full-scale maternity session also involving her 10-year-old daughter and her husband. Everything lined up for a full-day adventure, including a short underwater photography segment which we saved for last. As it turned out, being underwater was not as easy for her as for some others but thankfully, we had spent a great deal of time earlier on the ground, letting me fully express myself artistically. What helped me with that was stumbling upon a spectacular structure resembling a fort. Dramatic sky (it rained during our underwater shoot), wind, flowing fabric, and her daughter provided me with all I needed for an epic maternity session. Black-and-white photos of the young girl enwrapped into her mom’s maternity dress are my favorite, perhaps. An important and personally relevant touch was also capturing father-daughter’s love.

P.S. Regular readers would spot the unusually short story this time… Sorry to appear abrupt but this is a necessary measure to help me go quicker through the accumulated seasonal workload, national and international travels, and one very demanding change in personal life—bringing my new family to the country several weeks ago. I am not sure if I can blog every shoot nowadays but if I do, it will likely be a short story. Hope you will still enjoy it!

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Ed Hafizov
Ed Hafizov
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