EngagEd: Free Engagement Session Contest 2014-15

A Bump in Fashion: Maternity Session by NYC's Zorz Studios (1)
A Bump in Fashion: Maternity Session
December 21, 2014
Her Name is India: Beauty Shoot in India by Zorz Studios (4)
Her Name is India: A Beauty Shoot in India
January 5, 2015
Free Engagement Session Contest by Zorz Studios


I am pleased to announce Zorz Studios’ next free engagement session contest, EngagEd, in which I give away a complimentary engagement session (and more!) not to one, but two lucky winners!



“Free” does not have to be blunt or tricky. For me, this contest is a casual way to vent creatively. ~Ed

So hot. I need to get engaged again… I literally had goose bumps watching the video. ~Inga R.

What? Engagement session, also referred to as an “e-session,” is a separate photography session with an engaged couple, usually conducted months prior to the wedding. The offbeat type of this session became one of the hallmarks of my studio’s style, characterized by a fashionable, daring, and adventurous production, creating results seen in the slideshow above. This contest is for such couples, ready to herald and kick off their new life with impact!

The free engagement session contest hot prizes are:

  • Grand prize – free engagement session and wedding day photography service (covers time of the primary shooter)
  • Runner-up – free engagement session

Note: Third-party fees associated with e-session are optional but are likely to occur, being clients’ responsibility. Examples are permits, rentals, and transportation. Free photography service for engagement session and on the wedding day only covers time of the primary shooter, up to a $3,000 value. Additional post-event services and products (retouching, albums, prints, etc.) are optional.

Who? Invited are all engaged, unmarried couples! If you are not, show your love to your friends and rush them over here! As a destination wedding photographer, I welcome people not only in the NYC metro area, but from across the country and the world as long as they cover travel and accommodation for one low-maintenance fella… The couple must be willing to appear publicly with their story. Clients already booked with Zorz Studios or another studio are welcome to enter but are eligible to win an e-session only (or an additional session if e-session is already packaged). To take advantage of the Grand Prize, I must be available on the winners’ wedding date. If I am not, an associate photographer may be offered.

How? Enter by submitting your vision of the epic e-session, along with a photo of you two and few more details. The cooler and the more challenging your vision is to execute (which I love and count on!), the higher the chance of having it done, for free! Into role-playing? So am I! Indulging fashionista? My background in commercial and fashion photography will pamper your visual desires. Adventurous dare-devils? Meet Ed. Love quiet moments and dreaming of Renaissance? I periodically burn the candles through the night in the office filled with classical music…

Keep one point in mind—this is not a raffle. There is no lucky chance for a quick uninspiring entry. In return for my valuable service and skills, you need to bring an intriguing and original idea to the table. I can certainly come up with mine but then I charge my creative fees. Think of places you can take me to: abandoned habitats, fashion magazine editor’s office, car junk yard, theater’s backstage, scorched desert, and so on… See where I am going? Only the best five entrants will make it to the final round of public voting.

The e-session must take place within six months of the winning, a discounted service fee will apply afterwards. And finally, your submitted concept is your ticket. You can still change it prior to the voting stage but you have to stick to the final, winning one. I reserve the right to decline my free service if after winning you change the concept to something unexciting… Should there be any change of heart, the prize will be offered to the next runner-up.

The link to the entry form on Zorz Studios’ Facebook page is posted below. Three judges, including truly yours, will pick the five finalists. They will be announced in this blog and placed for public voting on Zorz Studios’ Facebook page. All our fans will be able to cast their vote for who they believe has the coolest concept. Entrants are welcome to invite their families and friends to vote. Live progression of the scores will be made public.

Entries accepted through January 11, 2015.
Finalists selected, announced, and public voting begins on January 18.
Public voting ends on February 1.
Winners of the free engagement session contest announced by February 4.

Don’t let anyone miss out! Share this with all your friends and spread the word by using the Share button below! Nominate your neighbors, friends, family, and of course yourself. We’re going to have a lot of fun with this again!


UPDATE 12/24/14: We have the first entry! Something exotic from Florida… 🙂 Keep them coming, fire-eaters!

UPDATE 12/26/14: Several more entrants, and all from Florida! I don’t know what’s happening there. I shot several e-sessions in FL (they are also in the slideshow)—and quite further than that—so the distance is not a delimiter for me. And yet: Northeast, come on, unfreeze your you-know-what and catch up!

UPDATE 01/01/15: As the entries are coming in, I would like to reiterate two important points to better steer them.
1. While wedding coverage is part of a sweet Grand Prize, the contest is not about a wedding theme. Beautiful wedding decor is for boring wedding magazines and many blogs: they are not about you, they are about things you put around you on your wedding day. Put a ton of money in your reception hall, stand with a smile in front of it, and you are in. This does not excite me.  I want action, thrill, you! I need to hear your theme for an engagement session. No extra points for a cool wedding theme, sorry.
2. Sparing a few minutes trying your luck with a vague generic idea expressed in a few words will not get you far, unfortunately. As mentioned, I can develop and elaborate on your broad concept but that comes with a standard service fee. Put some effort in return for free service, give me a plot.

UPDATE 01/12/15: The contest is now closed for entries. Thanks everyone who entered, we have some pretty cool concepts! We will go over the submissions this week. The five finalists will be announced here and voting will start on January 18. Check back later!

UPDATE 01/18/15: And we have the five finalists, congratulations to making one step closer, guys! Zorz Studios fans, find and vote for the concept you believe is the best. If your friends are here and you want to help them win, share their entry and invite your friends to vote, too! Each person can vote only once but you can invite the whole world. 🙂

UPDATE 02/04/15: Congratulations to Alyona/Elman and Yana/Alex on winning the contest!!! Whoo-hoo, we have some work to do now! Thank you everyone for participating and voting, another successful event!

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Ed Hafizov
Ed Hafizov
Ed Hafizov is a creative director and lead photographer of Zorz Studios, Manhattan-based boutique photography studio, offering arousing and daring fashion, commercial, beauty, and wedding photography. Multiple Fearless Photographer™ award winner, named among the top 50 US wedding photographers, top 10 NY wedding photographers, winner of Adobe contests, featured by Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Elle et al, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week photographer, and a distinguished member of Grace Ormonde Wedding Style‘s Platinum List, he is eager to step out of his and willing clients' comfort zone to pursue original artwork with a lasting impression.

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