“Cinemateur”: 1930s Retro Love Story (E-Session)

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March 9, 2009
Wedding of Erica and Elkin, Palm Beach, FL
March 22, 2009
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This is a sneak preview of an elaborate retro photo session shot past Saturday. I am so ecstatic to be able to organize and pull it off! The session, based on our own script, develops a dramatic love story in 1930s’ Brooklyn. A great amount of effort, passion, skill, equipment, and investment was put into its production by everyone involved. And involved were about 10 people.

The main characters, Maya and Stan, are the first place winners of my free engagement session contest, EngagEd, that I started in November of last year. Almost as much effort is yet to be put into the final product the way I envision it; post-processing will take a couple of months. Just know for now that the image above hardly gives a complete idea of what to expect… 🙂 I just chose a traditional sample image.

I will be updating this blog entry to share the story of how this session was planned, arranged, and executed, as well as showing some behind-the-scene footage. If you were interested in learning about my underwater session “Heirdom of Atlantis”, this might also be an entertaining read.

I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who supported me or provided services during this involved project. This is certainly not a one-man show!

– Maya Beynishes and Stanley Ilin – acting
Olga Mironova – styling, consulting, and assisting
Vesta Goodarz (who opened her home to us at 3 AM) – makeup, hair styling, styling
Yan Moyaux (who drove hundreds of miles just for the shoot) – assisting, video, and prop
– Jeffrey and Phil of Water Street Restaurant and Bar – providing a location for part of the shoot
– Emily, Mario, and Linden of Silver Star Limousine – providing an antique car

I am sorry that some of my friends and partners could not join me this time but hey, this is by far not the last artistic project that I tackle on… High fashion boudoir, nude body art, dark art in a strip club are some of them… aside from conventional fine art, beauty, bridal, and fashion work.

Here’s the main part of the team, for starters. From left to right: Vesta, Linden, Olga, myself, Maya, Stan, and Yan.

Ed Hafizov
Ed Hafizov
Ed Hafizov is a creative director and lead photographer of Zorz Studios, Manhattan-based boutique photography studio, offering arousing and daring fashion, commercial, beauty, and wedding photography. Multiple Fearless Photographer™ award winner, named among the top 50 US wedding photographers, top 10 NY wedding photographers, winner of Adobe contests, featured by Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Elle et al, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week photographer, and a distinguished member of Grace Ormonde Wedding Style‘s Platinum List, he is eager to step out of his and willing clients' comfort zone to pursue original artwork with a lasting impression.


  1. Daria says:

    Looks absolutely amazing! Can’t wait to see the entire series.

    I hope you are cooking something unique for my E-session as well 😉

  2. Yan says:

    It was truly amazing and the photos are going to be a masterpiece, I have no doubt.

    Ed has such an impressive vision and control of his camera! Bravo!

    Daria, you are lucky to get Ed for a session with you!

  3. Elena L. says:

    The image captivated me. It’s just so cool. I’ll be looking forward to seeing the final product!

  4. Ed, it sounds absolutely spectacular! I can not wait to see the final result. :-)))

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