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Welcome to the final stage of Zorz Studios' free engagement session contest! Throughout cold November and December, the entries were flowing in and warming my inbox with romance. After a week of judging, the finalists have been determined!

Three judges, all photographers, independently scored the entrants. The combined highest scores were to identify the three lucky couples but we had a tie between 3rd and 4th highest position! So, please meet the four finalists, listed in no particular order below.

Their fate is no longer in the judges' hands but in those of Zorz Studios website's visitors. The popularity vote will determine the three winning places. Please rank all four from 1 (highest) to 4 (lowest). The more votes and the higher the rank a couple receives, the closer it will get to having a free engagement session and wedding day photography coverage**.

Because of the tie, one couple with the lowest vote will, unfortunately, have to join those who did not make it to the finals. However, to show my appreciation for their time and sharing their feelings, I am pleased to announce that all non-winning entrants are eligible for a 30% discount off an engagement session should they still choose my fine service.

Thank you everyone for participation, support, and feedback! Let's roll!

Finalist A - Caren C.

"Since both Marshall and I work in downtown Manhattan and have shared a lot of special moments around the area, we have picked Sea Port (Pier 17) to be our e-session location. The time will be past midnight when the place is nearly empty. You will have a spectacular view of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Pier's lightings, as well as the view of the entire East River. I choose past midnight not only because it allows us the space and time to work on our section, but I also believe it is more romantic at night as an engagement section. And of course, not to mention that it will be fun and challenging to shoot at one of the famous tourist site in New York City at night... I surely cannot wait to make Pier 17 into our own little studio."
Finalist D
Finalist B - Julia R.

"Us together, braving the elements and mother natures wrath. Climbing, jumping, embracing in a storm either snow or rain. Nude (tastefully) on a beach encircled in a ring of fire. Anything representing our great love showcased by the elements of water, fire, earth, air, etc."
Finalist A
Finalist C - Jessie Lee C.

"Since my fiance is in the United States Navy, I have always dreamed of taking our engagement photos as an up-to-date recreation of the ever so popular Sailor kissing a nurse in New York City. I love winter time in New York and would love to make edgy photos of him in his uniform and p.coat in Manhattan and give the photo a modern 1920's feel. I'd love to see my red lips standing out in a black and white photo, or dark berry nails with my engagement ring. We could even take the pictures in the Bronx Zoo to give it a dated feeling...oh the possiblities!"
Finalist B
Finalist D - Maya B.

"A walk through the streets of old New York in the style of 1930's Film Noir. The groom donning a fitted striped suit with a fedora hat and the bride classic and timeless. The vision for the overall look is black and white and playing with lighting and shadows. Locations would be cobble stone streets, under and on the Brooklyn Bridge, and catching the last ride on the Staten Island Ferry... Perhaps renting those 30's looking limo would complete the look."
Finalist C

** Photography coverage is defined as taking photographs on and of the wedding day by one photographer. No other service or product is to be assumed or included but is optionally available.

Finalist A
Finalist B
Finalist C
Finalist D


                  Voting ends:
                  January 31, 2009
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